Retro Pin Up Emery Dress


My second Emery is even better than the first one. I know I should try other patterns, but I tend to have a few tries at a pattern to perfect it before I move on. This one went without a hitch! I absolutely love it. Now, I must admit that it’s a complete rip off of the wonderful Dolly Clackett’s, but I just knew the minute I saw her version that I absolutely had to have it. I know I’m not the only person with DC Dress Envy! After reading her post, I immediately bought 2.5 metres from Fancy Moon. It arrived pretty quickly and they really do have some adorable fabrics.

The Alexander Henry fabric was an absolute dream to work with and because I knew the pattern, I didn’t have to look at the instructions at all. All in, this dress took me about 5 hours to make. I didn’t really think about pattern placement with this one… I’ll try to do it next time. 

I cut this one in a size 12 and had to make some small adjustments: I increased the size of the neckline darts at the back and had to increase/slant one half of the seam at the shoulders. I must have weird shoulders!!! Ah well. I’m glad I did it because it fits perfectly and I feel pretty svelte in it. Now I just need to find some time to adjust my tracing of the size 12 to incorporate those changes.


I created the gathered skirt and I found it so straight forward this time. I don’t know why I’ve had such trouble with gathered skirts in the past. I guess I always found it difficult to get the gathers to sit correctly. However, this time it was a dawdle. I decided to keep it just below the knees (pretty much to hide them… my knees are not my most redeeming feature).


I love the fitted sleeves on this version and the lining, although its just a blue cotton, is really pretty. I decided to go with a red invisible zip and I think it really goes with the red in the fabric.

The only issue I had when putting this together was with my sewing machine. Two years ago I bought a Brother RL417.


It was my first ever sewing machine and its ease of use is part of the reason that I can now make my own clothes. Back then, I had no idea how to sew and it took me about 20 minutes just to thread the machine! When I was making this dress the bobbin jammed every 5 minutes and I went through 3 needles because they kept hitting off the invisible zipper foot and snapping. I cleaned it, oiled it and yet it made no difference. I was going to get it serviced but honestly didn’t think it was worth it: it was only £100 and I’ve used it loads! Anyway, I decided to order a Janome DC3050 from John Lewis.


While I’m sad that I can’t use my wee Brother anymore, I’m really excited about my new one! The only thing that bugs me is that it doesn’t come with a hard case. I’m off for a look at Pinterest to look for ideas on fashioning one myself…


  1. Beautiful dress and I love the fabric!

  2. Thanks! The fabric was so lovely to work with.

  3. It’s lovely and what fab fabric! You should enter it in the dolly clackett sewalong! x

  4. Thanks! Although I also have another one in mind for that. Do you think that, in true Dolly Clackett style, I could enter more than one dress? x

  5. Yes, it’s just been confirmed – you can enter as many as you like!

  6. That is seriously lovely! Love your blog! xx

  7. Aw thank you so much 🙂 x

  8. Hi – love the dress,,,,,, and love the fabrics at Fancy Moon. I’ve already found some foxglove print fabric i may just HAVE to purchase x

  9. Thanks. The fabrics are gorgeous! Hulu Crafts currently have 10% off their fabrics. I went on a bit of a spree last night. Ooooops 🙂

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