Mad Men Challenge #3 – Pretty, Flowery Pleats


Although this wasn’t originally the dress I had planned for the Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men Challenge, I do feel that it’s very Mad Men-esque. I’m fairly new to the show. I’ve always drooled over the costumes, but I hadn’t actually watched it with any dedication until a couple of months ago. I’m currently approaching the end of Season 3. I can’t believe what’s about to happen with Don and Betty!! Well I can, of course, because she’s a bit of a sociopath and he’s Don Draper, but it just feels very strange. Anyway, I remember stumbling across the Mad Men challenge last year and being in awe of all of the outfits all the sewists out there had created. While I’m still a bit of a novice, I decided to enter this time too.

Mad Men Inspired Dress

The sleeves are prettier when they’re not bunched up

Ok, so I must admit, that this dress isn’t exactly a new sew. I made it a little while ago but today’s the first time I’ve actually worn it. I made it one cold and dreary afternoon with my mind on sunnier climes, and I just haven’t had any opportunity to wear it. To celebrate the fact that it’s now officially British Summertime (yay), I decided to brave the cold and wear it out for Mother’s Day. I absolutely adore the fabric and have been stopped twice and asked if it was a Cath Kidston dress. Ummmmm, SURE IT IS? Not really… although I guess it does look Cath Kidston-ish. While I had to say no, it did give me the opportunity to look very domestic and say that I’d made it with my own fair hands.

I really enjoyed making this dress. It was fairly quick to make, despite it being my first ever go with one of the patterns. It consists of the Anna Bodice, which I’ve made a few times now (although this time I tinkered with the sleeves ever so slightly to adjust the width/length and the neckline, which I deepened slightly) and the Simplicity 2444 skirt (with the placement of the pleats also adjusted). I’d never used the Simplicity pattern before and, I must admit,  the only reason I have it is that it came free with a sewing magazine I bought a while back. I like it! I plan to make up the full dress soon.


The fabric was also another first: my first fabric purchase from Hobbycraft. Because I’m a teacher, I get 10% off (AMAZING!) and I had an additional 20% off coupon thingy (EVEN BETTER!). I think in the end, 3 metres of the stuff cost about £20, which is not too bad at all given the quality of it. I also lined the bodice of the dress with a hot pink cotton (from The Cloth Shop in Edinburgh).

Mad Men Inspired Dress

teeny bit tight

There were no construction issues. I think the bodice is a teeny bit too tight because I’ve been hitting the pies/not going to the gym very much recently, but it should be fine now that it’s getting a bit sunnier outside. That aside, the Anna bodice is so bloody comfy and flattering, as is the Simplicity skirt. I love the length because it hides my knees (eugh – am I the only person who thinks my knees are gross?!) and I love the fullness of the skirt. I’ve been searching about for a petticoat because it looks like such a faff to make one. Hopefully I can get one before the summer because it would look great with this skirt.

Mad Men Inspired Dress


Anyway, another pretty floral dress to add to my handmade wardrobe. I can’t wait until summer so I can wear it with pretty sandals and a pair of oversized shades.






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