Learning to Embroider with Dropcloth Samplers

A while back, I posted about my desire to embroider. I gave it a go back then and I was pretty chuffed with myself; however, I was also frustrated because I really didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t know the various stitches that could be used, I didn’t really know why and where those stitches should be used and I was seriously lacking in practice!

Urgh, how I long for the skills to do this:



f863a134fa4fd047c1bfa8a4e202689aWhile trawling for ’embroidery for beginners’ projects on Pinterest, I came across Dropcloth Samplers. They are insanely beautiful and so far removed from the stuffy and very dated starter packs you can buy in the likes of Hobbycraft. Who wants to embroider a cottage scene or a watering can, when you could embroider these?!





After some digging, I realised that they are the creation of the very talented Rebecca Ringquist and that they are actually available to buy on Etsy either as a one of purchase or… wait for it… on a subscription basis. AMAZING. I heart a subscription! Especially a craft-based one. I immediately signed up for 6 months and opted for the stitch sampler subscription, which teaches you basic stitches each month.


While I’m not entirely sure that I have the dexterity required for intricate needlework, I’ve really enjoyed my first month of the subscription.

The focus this month has been on couching stitches and I’ve used a great website by a UK blogger called Sarah Whittle to help me. Her tutorials have been really helpful so far. I’ve also signed up to the Craftsy class: ‘Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery’ with Jessica Marquez.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 16.45.22

Unlike my last class, I’ve decided to just dip in and out of this one depending on the stitches needed. Jessica is a great tutor and her instructions are clear and concise.

It’s been a busy month so I haven’t quite finished my first one yet, but I think I’ve done quite well considering it’s all new to me.






I love that I have a little project I can work on in front of the TV. Sewing, especially with a machine, can be such a faff at times. Next month’s sampler arrived this morning and it’s focused on blanket stitches. Exciting!


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