IKEA Expedit Seat and Toy Storage for the Nursery

It’s Baby Central around here these days. I’m not only a couple of weeks away from my due date and every craft project I’ve been working on is related to babies in one way or another.

Recently, we’ve been working on creating a playroom for the little guy. We toyed with the idea of a baby room, but really, by the time he’s in there and actually knows what’s going on, he’s going to be at an age where he wants to play and we’ll need a space that’s toddler-friendly. The thought of trying to create this while sleep-deprived and while trying to entertain a wriggly wee toddler, isn’t that appealing so we decided to forego the baby room and go straight to playroom.

Putting aside the essentials – bed, somewhere to change him, wardrobe – what we wanted most of all was a space for him to keep his toys. His room is fairly small, so we wanted to be as economical with space as possible and to create something multi-functional. After much research (ahem, Pinterest trawling), I decided to create a bench/seat for reading, with space for a bookcase and lots of space for toys …and that’s where IKEA comes in, obv. I seriously love that place.

We bought two white KALLAX units and placed them side by side, attaching them to the wall for safety.


We then bought an appropriately sized seating pad from AnyFoam and covered it using Quentin Blake/Roald Dahl ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ fabric from The Cloth Shop in Edinburgh.

I’ve installed a zip at the side in case it ends up with food/baby sick/pee/other gross stuff on it so it’s easy to chuck in the machine. It’s also affixed to the unit underneath with a few strips of industrial strength velcro.


We plan to use the top two shelves for his books and then we’ve put brightly coloured boxes in to the other slots along the bottom to organise his toys. The boxes are actually great because he can pull them out and they’re already at floor level, and they’re quite soft too so they won’t hurt him. PLUS, we can just ram everything in them without worrying too much about organisation and they look nice and neat when closed. BONUS.

To make the space look more complete, I decided to make some cushions. I was originally going to use the leftover fabric but it just looked a bit over the top, so instead, I appliqued ABC in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fabric on to white upholstery fabric (also from The Cloth Shop).


It’s the first time I’ve used my machine for this type of sewing, and while it was fairly straightforward, a couple of bits of the lettering are a little bit wonky. I really should have practised first but, overall, I’m pretty pleased with them. Educational and matchy = win.


I’ve also made a few other things for his room: bunting, a mobile, curtain tie backs, drawer liners… but I’ll tell you all about that another time 🙂

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