Embroidery will be the end of me…

Argh, embroidery is bloody tough! I’ve been thinking about learning for a while but today I decided to suck it up and buy an embroidery hoop and some thread. By the way, did you all know that teachers get 10% off in Hobbycraft if you can show school related photo ID? Slow hand clap, Hobbycraft. Anyway, I bought the hoop and thread and I’ve spent a lot of the day tinkering with them (trying out various stitches and such like) and it’s so much more difficult than I thought it would be.

I don’t know why I’m surprised by this because hand-stitching is a real challenge for me. I have no excuse other than I’m impatient and scrappy. This is exactly why I figured that embroidery could be good for me though: it would give me something to do when watching telly or commuting to work, it would help me get a handle on basic stitches that I’m sure I must have learned during my childhood but seem to have forgotten, and most importantly, it might help to change  my slapdash, half-arsed habits that undoubtedly have a negative impact on the finish of my homemade clothes.

I’ve been drooling over various embroidery projects on Pinterest for a while now and figured that the summer holidays might be a good time to learn.

(click the image for the source) 


Unfortunately (and I do realise that I’m being overly harsh) my attempts at embroidery look like shit and will likely never look as awesome as the aforementioned loveliness from Pinterest. Woe is me. See below for evidence of this. Oh and I should say that I’m trying to make a little piece of embroidery hoop decor (which is such a fab idea! Thanks Pinterest) for my wee niece’s bedroom.

First attempt at embroidery

Ok, so my husband tells me that I’m a drama queen. I know that it’s only my first attempt but dammmmmnnnnn it’s annoying! I’m thinking of buying some patterny things online to help and of course trawling YouTube until all hours of the morning to pour over tutorials*. I think I maybe tried a bit too much today and got too frustrated by the final attempt.

I feel the need to add that I normally wouldn’t post stuff that looks a bit rubbish, which is silly, I know, but I figure that I’ll only get better. I wish I’d started documenting my progress when I made my first ever dress. The progress I’ve made since then is brilliant and I’m really proud of myself for it. I hope I can say the same about embroidery in a couple of years time.

Plan of Action

  • Print off lettering and trace so it looks a bit more fluid and less wonky
  • Work on producing consistent stitches
  • Keep practising the stitches I’ve learned (back stitch, split stitch and satin stitch)

Any advice on how to improve would be most gratefully received!

*I’ll post links to useful websites, tutorials or YouTube videos that I’ve come across soon.

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