Blue & Cream Vintagesque Emery


My first attempt at Christina Haynes’ Emery Dress was pretty successful. The pattern was easy to follow and the fabric that I picked was just lovely. The fabric is from Ellie Magpie and this is the first time that I’ve sewn with linen. It was so easy to work with and a treat when pressing etc.

Overall, I didn’t have any major difficulties with the pattern, although I did cut it in the wrong size. I thought the size 14 measurements were the closest to my own but, in fact, the 12 is better for me. I contemplated making it a bit smaller by pinching in the side seams, shoulders and increasing the size of the darts but that sounds like a bit of a faff and, to be honest, I like the fact that this is looser  because I’ll primarily wear this during summer. Because it’s a bit bigger and it’s linen, the dress is super comfy!

I lined the dress with a soft pink cotton and inserted pockets in the same colour. The zip was a pretty good match to the lining.


The way that the lining is inserted in this dress is amazing! I’d never thought of encasing the zip in that way and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it has revolutionised the way I handle linings. It looks fantastic! I’m so chuffed with how pretty this dress is on the inside.


I’m also really happy with the waist match up at the back and with the way I’ve gathered the skirt. I saw that there were lots of cheat ways involving string etc. I just can’t seem to get the gathers right when I do it this way so I went back to the old two lines of baste and it worked out really well. I’m happy with the placement of the gathers although next time I think I’ll pin it on to my dressform so as to avoid adding bulk to the hips.

Overall, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this pattern and can’t wait to sew it again (in a smaller size). Expect to see many more of these in the near future in a variety of awesome lengths and fabrics!



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