Beach Party Emery

A few weekends ago I was invited to a friend’s hen party in Brighton. Her wedding will be in Thailand in the summer (fingers crossed things settle down in the coming weeks) so she decided on a ‘Full Moon Party’ theme for the Friday night. If you’re unfamiliar with a Thai full moon party, the following might help:

Amazing! Now, because it’s Brighton and because it was likely to be BLOODY FREEZING (!!), I decided to make a dress that would provide some warmth but also be quite summery and bright…

Emery Dress

Sorry about the mess in the background. I was in the middle of a packing frenzy when I took this photo.

I bought the fabric a while back from Hulu Crafts. It’s a lightweight cotton in ‘Peony.


It was the first time I’d purchased fabric from them (it was quite a haul I can assure you) and they were just lovely. There was a shortage of one of the fabrics I’d ordered and they were very helpful and the communication was great. I’ll definitely use them again.

I made the dress up using Christina Haynes’ Emery Dress pattern (again). Nothing new to report on the construction of the dress, other than the fact that I lowered the neckline quite significantly to make it more summery. I LOVE the neckline on this dress I’m glad I re-traced it so I can use this version again.

For the very first time, I understitched the neckline. Why have I not been doing this all the time?! It makes it look so much neater and lie so much flatter! I used The Coletterie tutorial, which was fab.

Also, because the fabric is quite light, I decided to line the dress. I’ve just added enough under the skirt so that it covers my bum (& hides my uncoordinated pants!!) rather than a fully lined skirt which might make it a bit too toasty in warmer weather. I’m aware that I live in Scotland and that it is NEVER that warm.

It was just perfect for the party and I got a lot of compliments, which is always good. I’m so glad that I opted for a dress. If I’d worn anything skimpier, I think it would have been the end of me. Although it was chilly, Brighton is just beautiful and I can’t wait to go back. Here are a few snaps for your viewing pleasure…


Prosecco Face 
Candyfloss face

And a few snaps of Brighton pier…




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