DIY Roman Blinds

My husband and I are currently looking to buy our very first home and it’s a very exciting/stressful/terrifying/exciting/frustrating/exciting/slow-moving process! Arghh. The house we want doesn’t really exist yet because it’s part of a new development and the houses have yet to be released. Hence me being super-impatient. So, what does …

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Black Lace Loveliness


You may have read on Twitter that I recently became a part of the WhiteTree Fabrics Blog Team. I’m so thankful and grateful for their support and can’t wait to collaborate with them in this way! For my first project, I decided to try something new… I’ve finally finished my …

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Italian Floral Floralex

Warning: yet another floral print By Hand London dress coming up. You would think that I’d get tired of them, but hey, they make me happy so why not eh? Also, prepare for lots of photos! The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to get some summer dresses sewn for …

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