A Hora Secreta

A Hora Secreta Coisas estranhas acontecem meia noite na cidade de Bixby no Oklahoma O tempo para Ningu m se mexe Todas as noites durante uma hora secreta a cidade pertence s criaturas negras que vivem nas sombra

  • Title: A Hora Secreta
  • Author: Scott Westerfeld Raquel Fidalgo
  • ISBN: 9789896680169
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Coisas estranhas acontecem meia noite, na cidade de Bixby, no Oklahoma O tempo para Ningu m se mexe Todas as noites, durante uma hora secreta, a cidade pertence s criaturas negras que vivem nas sombras Apenas um grupo de adolescentes conhece a hora secreta s eles conseguem mover se livremente no tempo da meia noite Designam se a si pr prios como midnighters.

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      373 Scott Westerfeld Raquel Fidalgo
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    1. Just finished this trilogy and I really liked it. It's premise is that there are actually 25 hours in each day but only those born on the stroke of midnight can live in that secret hour. To everyone else it passes in an instant. Those who live in that hour are born with special abilities to help combat the various nasties who also live there. Fun read. If it was a movie it would be PG-13 for language. No "F" word, no sex but more swearing than I would prefer.

    2. What a cool concept! For one secret extra hour each night, a small group of teenagers is able to move about freely--even though the rest of the town around them is frozen in time. What's going on? Why is the town like this? What do the evil darklings want with Jessica Day, the new girl in town?I really enjoyed this book. The idea is incredibly intriguing, and I liked the descriptions of focus/out of focus, the kids' purple eyes, the wondrous flying, the injections of humor, and the beautiful nig [...]

    3. "The Secret Hour", the first book of the Midnighters series, is about Jessica Day who just moved to the small town of Bixby, Oklahoma. Of course she has to worry about the average teenager things - fitting in and making new friends, adjusting to the atmosphere of the place, and even avoiding some new gossip. However, things get even more difficult when she realizes that every day actually has 25 hours, not 24. The secret 25th hour takes place at the stroke of midnight, and for an extra hour only [...]

    4. Non proprio malaccio come inizio, ma la verità è che mi aspettavo qualcosa di meglio. Sono capitata per puro caso davanti a questo libro e quando ho letto brevemente la trama ho subito voluto leggerlo. Voglio dire una venticinquesima ora che scatta a mezzanotte? mostri scuri e un solo gruppo di ragazzi che può combatterli? ehi, Persona 3 è uno dei miei giochi preferiti da quand'è che è diventato un libro? Solo che di Persona questo libro alla fin fine ha ben poco. L'idea di base è buona a [...]

    5. I LOVE this series. Although the Uglies/Pretties/Specials/Extras series is more popular, I actually like this series better. It's about five teenagers who are the only people that can move during "the secret hour", when everything else in their town freezes at midnight. Although a bit weird, the story is very exciting and the characters are well-developed. Scott Westerfeld is one of my favorite authors, and these books did not disappoint me.

    6. Well, the description on the back was far more intriguing than the actual story inside. I was left pretty unimpressed by the story and the characters. It was not awful and it was easy to read and a nice original idea but it was missing the kind of spark that takes a book from 'okay' to 'compelling' for me. It mostly just lacked any sort of focused. The story just felt very jumpy and bitty to me. It was also packed full of YA clichés such as the-new-interesting-girl-moving-to-the-tiny-high schoo [...]

    7. Some of the kids here, especially girls, having been reading this Midnighters series. Not bad for kiddie fantasy, but not much meat. A bit Twilight-ish. Good for me to know what the kids are reading and be able to talk about it, but not something I'd recommend to adults unless you're looking for some reluctant reader material or another fantasy series for those who have gone through everything else you can think of.

    8. I've got to give props to Westerfeld, this was definitely an original idea. A hidden hour that lies directly at midnight that only a few can see. Can you just imagine? The clock strikes midnight and the world around you freezes, but you can still move among it. Really cool.Meet the Midnighters, a group of teens who were born exactly as the clock struck midnight thus allowing them to see the 'blue time' - the space in-between. But it's not all fun and games. Other things lurk in the 'blue time' - [...]

    9. Questo libro è una vera e propria rivelazione.Nella città di Bixby, allo scoccare della mezzanotte, nasce un'altra ora dove il mondo si congela, le leggi della fisica perdono ogni importanza e dei mostri letali e affamati emergono dal passato per iniziare la loro caccia. Alcuni ragazzini, nati a mezzanotte in punto, possono muoversi e assaporare quest'ora segreta e ognuno di loro ha un potere speciale, un dono che può sfruttare. -- Ma l'arrivo di Jessica Day scombussola le carte in tavola e l [...]

    10. Jessica is a typical 16-year-old girl, who happens to be born at midnight. This doesn’t mean anything to her until the day she moves with her family to Bixby. Soon she discovers that she and a few others, the Midnighters, are able to live one extra hour every midnight, while everyone else is frozen. This is all fun until she learns that they are not the only ones moving through midnight. Darklings and Slithers are coming after her and she has to be protected.The first book is introducing us to [...]

    11. This first book in the Midnighters series was a fun ride. The mythology/world of the midnighters was very different and fascinating. Also, the main character is a redhead named Jessica Day- how could he go wrong?

    12. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooJessica Day has just moved to Bixby, Oklahoma from Chicago with her family. Still trying to find her niche in the local highschool, she's noticed by a group of students who are very different from your average teens. Not to mention that her dreams at night are becoming very, very vivid--such as the fact that for one hour at midnight, time seems to literally stand still. Such is the life of the Midnighters, a group of teens who were born at midnight and have the abi [...]

    13. On her first night in Bixby, Oklahoma, fifteen year old Jessica Day learns that for her, time stops for on hour every night at midnight. In what she calls "the secret hour", rain, people, smoke, everything stops as the world is bathed in a blue light and a different moon arcs across the sky. She soon learns that she's not alone in the midnight hour, but shares it with four other teenagers from town as well as shadowy creatures called "darklings." Apparently docile before her arrival, the darklin [...]

    14. This book made me really glad that I was born at 8 am!I'm not really sure what to say about this book. The premise is that there used to be 25 hours in the day and the 25th hour was removed from normal life by the creatures that make up our nightmares when we started to fight back. Now the creatures are only "alive" during that one lost hour, when everyone else is frozen. But people who were born at midnight are still alive/awake in the hour and can move about. They also have some cool power dur [...]

    15. La storia di per sè non è male, ma i personaggi sono troppo stereotipati. La protagonista, Jessica Day, è l'incarnazione della Mary Sue, bellissima, amata da tutti ( possibile che tutti notano di notte e senza nessuna luce che lei si è truccata? quel pezzo mi ha fatta ridere e non era sicuramente voluto ). Gli altri personaggi sono nerd sfigati ed emarginati dalla società, l'unico bello finisce, ovviamente, con la protagonista. Insomma, banalità della banalità.

    16. I have had this book for a long time and was excited to finally get to read it. This is the first book in the Midnighters series by Westerfeld and is one of the few Westerfeld series I haven’t read yet. It ended up being an entertaining and creepy story that was well written and easy to read. I liked it better than his Uglies series but not as much as his Leviathan series.Strange things happen in Bixby, Oklahoma when the clock strikes midnight. That is when the 13th hour starts; an hour in whi [...]

    17. My friend recommended this Book because I liked the Uglies seires. The author is the same and he has come up with another interesting fantastical idea for a book, or rather books. Jessica, a high school student, has just moved into town and is starting to have some very peculiar dreams. She is confronted by some students at school and they seem to know all about her dreams. She learns that she is what they call a Midnighter. A normal person will experience 24 hours in any given day, but for thos [...]

    18. Das Buch habe ich vor ca. 10 Jahren zum Geburtstag von meiner Tante bekommen. Damals fand ich es super und habe mich nur etwas über das offene Ende gewundert.Man muss sich jetzt meine Überraschung vorstellen, als ich das Buch vor einigen Monaten wieder in den Händen hielt und auf die kleine 1 aufmerksam wurde.Ja es ist eine Trilogie.Und ja. Es war nicht der einzige Hinweis.Die kleine Leseprobe am Ende des Buches hätte mich vielleicht auch auf die Idee bringen können 😅😂So kurz vor Hall [...]

    19. Here's the review I wrote for my school newspaper!When Jessica Day moves from Chicago to the small town of Bixby, Oklahoma, she’s expecting a change. But she never could’ve imagine a world like the one she finds herself in. because, in Bixby, there are 25 hours in the day. But normal humans don’t know of the secret hour- they simply freeze for one hour at midnight. Every night. They cannot tell that an hour has passed for the special few who can live in the extra hour. There people were bo [...]

    20. I have to admit, lately my forays into the YA world have not really panned out, so I started this book with no small amount of trepidation. Now that I have finished, I truly regret not buying the whole trilogy at once! While the main plot definitely tied up nicely, there is enough of a cliffhanger that I can't wait to start the sequel! I loved the premise of a secret 25th hour in the day - I know there are definitely days when I have wished for just a little more time in the day (or even just an [...]

    21. Jessica Day recently just moved into a new town, Bixby in Oklahoma. Jessica struggles to fit into her new school, however, as she continues to adapt and get use to her school enviroment, she comes across other kids who are "different" from the rest. Moreover, While trying to fit into her new school, she encounters several others who're different from the rest of the students. Jessica later learns that she's different too when she experiences the "25th hour". After waking up at midnight, she foun [...]

    22. What if, for one hour a day, the entire world was frozen in motion - except for you? Oh, and a whole slew of terrifying creatures?? This is what Jessica Day finds out soon after moving to Bixby, Oklahoma. What she thought were terrifyingly real "dreams" make her suddenly very eager to become friends with the other kids at her new school that seem a littleoff.It's a slap-bang premise, I have to admit. To have this space in time where all bets are off, where an ancient and frea-kay set of rules su [...]

    23. There are good and bad things about this book (and the other 2). I'll start with the positives:The different perspectives are interesting and helpful with character development. Like those. The plot is intriguing and suspensefuld overall pretty goodEVER:I dislike most of the characters- they can be very annoying at times, especially Jessica- though she does get better as the series continues. The only character I ACTUALLY liked (WARNING: SPOLIERS) gets twisted by the darklings.but I still love R [...]

    24. There are 25 hours in a day. We just can't see the secret hour. But in the town of Bixby Oklahoma, all those who were born at midnight can. It's off, huge dark moon, and only the midnighters can actually move at all. But there are other creatures that exist in the secret hour as well. Darklings, and slithers. They usually don't attack, but when Jessica Day shows up and realizes that she's a midnighter, the darklings and slithers come for her the minute they sense her presence. Rex, Dess, Melissa [...]

    25. Synopsis: Jessica Day moves to Bixby, Oklahoma where time freezes at midnight for those who were born during the "Midnight hour". Only Midnighters can see the secret hour. Each of the Midnighters has certain powers; Rex is a Seer, Melissa is a Mindcaster aka psychic, Jonathan is an Acrobat and can fly, and Dess is a Polymath who is a wizard with math and equations. Jess has no idea what her powers are but the darklings that hunt the secret hour want her dead because of it. She is also not like t [...]

    26. I was kind of afraid that, upon rereading, I would find I did not love this as much as I did the first time I read it, however long ago that was. Instead, it is just as wonderful as I remember.First of all, the characters. All of them are so unique and I love it. I love their different personalities and how they meld and clash - especially Jonathan and Rex. And Melissa. Oh, Melissa. She's so terrifying and tragic. And Dess wins the awesome award. And I love Jessica working hard to figure out wtf [...]

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