Curses Mayan ruins in the Yucatana secret room in a tomb ancient skeleton To Gideon Oliver anthropologist this archaeological find is paradise on earth He and his wife Julie have joined his old mentor A

  • Title: Curses!
  • Author: Aaron Elkins
  • ISBN: 9780445408647
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mayan ruins in the Yucatana secret room in a tomb ancient skeleton To Gideon Oliver, anthropologist, this archaeological find is paradise on earth He and his wife, Julie, have joined his old mentor, Abe Goldstein, at Tlaloc, Mexico, to make sure there are no dirty doings at the dig Five years before scandal rocked the site when a colleageue ran off with a pricelMayan ruins in the Yucatana secret room in a tomb ancient skeleton To Gideon Oliver, anthropologist, this archaeological find is paradise on earth He and his wife, Julie, have joined his old mentor, Abe Goldstein, at Tlaloc, Mexico, to make sure there are no dirty doings at the dig Five years before scandal rocked the site when a colleageue ran off with a priceless relic Now Abe suspects something illegal is again going on The discovery of a Mayan curse protecting the ruins suddenly make Tlaloc seem closer to hell than heaven But the mysteries waiting inside the sone temples are too tempting to let mere words scare away the famous skeleton detective Only when the curse seems to be coming true and Gideon has a modern murder to solve does evil stop being academicd death in the Yucatan seems imminently real.

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    1 thought on “Curses!”

    1. Awesome little story about murder at an archaeology dig in the Yucatan Peninsula. I really loved this one. I'm possibly biased having wanted to be an archaeologist at one time and studied anthropology for a time in college. I even got to see some Mayan ruins on a trip to Belize back in '08. So yeah, I guess I'm a bit biased. Sue me.I love the interactions between Gideon and Abe. And I liked the police inspector as well. Most of the characters weren't very deep though. The ending was no great sur [...]

    2. For some reason, I didn't remember reading this book until (of course) I reached the climactic scenes. Alas. But it is good enough book that it was definitely just as enjoyable the second time around. What surprises me is that the fifth book of this series was the earliest I could find (although I believe earlier ones are available on Kindle). They certainly are better than their lack of availability would indicate. The main character of these books is a forensic anthropologist, an expert partic [...]

    3. Haven't read one of this series for quite awhile, don't know why I waited. This book grabbed me from the beginning and of course I had to stay up late to finish. 4 stars

    4. Gideon and Julie on a Central American dig. Murder and a missing than Murder in the Queen's Armes, but still not as good as The Dark Place.

    5. Now 41 years of age and happily married for two years, Gideon Oliver is a tenured professor of physical anthropology at a university near Seattle. He is known far and wide as “the Skeleton Doctor” for his work in forensic anthropology with the FBI. As Curses! opens, Gideon is between terms and feeling restless. He has been imprisoned behind his desk for far too long, writing academic papers that practically nobody will ever read. Then he receives a call from his onetime professor and ongoing [...]

    6. Elkins takes the readers on yet another international adventure with Dr. Gideon, this time down to Mexico. When invited to work on a dig by his long-time mentor, Gideon and his wife rush down to Mexico to work on excavating the ruins of a temple and its inhabitants. Mystery surrounds the site, as one of the previous workers is said to have stolen an important codex and simply disappeared years before. When Gideon is attacked and a letter warning him to leave does not do the trick, the 'gods' beg [...]

    7. Back to the Skeleton Doctor we go. This one follows Gideon and his wife to the Yucatan area where Gideon's mentor is running a dig. This site was originally worked five years earlier but closed down because a valuable artifact was stolen by one of the archaeologists.Soon after Gideon arrives, an ancient curse is deciphered which threatens anyone working in the area, and things begin to happen that seem to fulfill the curse. It's not until someone is murdered that the pieces of the puzzle begin t [...]

    8. This is another in the series of stories about Gideon Oliver, The Skeleton Detective. I hadn’t realized it but this series of books was actually made into a TV series in the late 1980’s. The show only ran for 5 episodes. In this book we are treated to a visit to a Mayan ruin called Tlaloc, in the Yucatan. When Gideon is on site checking out a skeleton that was discovered there, a series of curses seem to come true, one of which results in a man’s murder. Gideon uses his skills as a bone de [...]

    9. Curses! by Aaron Elkins.Gideon Oliver receives a call from his old mentor, Abe Goldstein. Abe is in the Yucatan Peninsula at an archeological site they had unearthed together in 1982. It seems Abe and his team of Mayans have uncovered a skeleton at Tlaloc. Gideon's assistance is urgently required for identification of that skeleton by Abe. Gideon and Julie are on the first plane out of Washington State headed to the Yucatan and on to their new adventure.This story ties in with a former adventure [...]

    10. Enjoyed it; am reading the series in order. The section towards the end about where Gideon went into the workroom where each anthropologist had a cubby hole and what he found in his cubby I thought a bit drawn out and fount it unbelievable about how such a smart, knowledgeable man, experienced in whatever the "dig" environment could happen, could be so blind to what was happening. Gideon seemed foolish to me as he had many opportunities to change things during that drawn out sceneOtherwise I lov [...]

    11. I enjoy Aaron Elkins books like I enjoy Diet Coke, I don't expect it to nuture my body or soul but I love every swallow of it anyway. This book was no different, the mystery wasn't tremendously mysterious but the ups and downs of getting to the conclusion made me turn pages as fast as I could. I remember Agatha Christie's Miss Marple say once that it was the stupid killers that got caught and this book proves that. All that work and mayhem for a piece of highly circumstantial evidence that any d [...]

    12. Gideon Oliver gets invited back to a dig on the Yucatan Peninsula that he was involved with 5 years before. The dig supervisor at the time ran off with a priceless Mayan codex and the dig was shut down. Now Gideon's friend Abe Lewis is in charge on the dig when a Mayan curse is found and it seems to be coming true. Not as much forensic anthropology as some books in the series but still a lot of fun.

    13. A quick easy read - I loved it!It is a mystery about Mayan curses :) coolThe main character, Giddeon, is a skeleton expert and is called in to an excavation site to help with an ancient skeleton. But - it seems that he was at that site several years proviously when a Myaan codex wwas discovered - and stolen. The old mystery comes together with the current excavation and Mayan curses start coming true !

    14. I understand the attraction of Mexico when living in the perpetual drip of the Northwest. I might be a little less hardy when it comes to surviving the many traumas Oliver goes through in this Yucatan Tlaloc dig. I'd be happier in the hotel courtyard with Julie. But this tale makes a good read while its raining.

    15. #5 in the anthropology professor and recognized bones specialist Gideon Oliver mystery series. Oliver is asked to return to a Maya excavation in Yucatan that he was involved with 5 years earlier and had been shut down because of a valuable thief. He and others at the site become involved with curses and other life threatening events as they continue the site excavation.

    16. A fun read for bedtimeEasy reading when it's time to wind down and relax into the mystical world of mystery where you can forget your own troubles and enjoy getting to know this likable version of Indiana Jones.

    17. I read this on my vacation to Cancun! How perfect. Some of the action takes place at Chichen Itza and having seen the ruins for the first time made the book come to life for me. I certainly enjoyed the solution of the mystery and did not catch on until it was fully explained. Satisfying.

    18. I found this to be an easy read. The Mayan mythology was nicely incorporated into this murder mystery. I am a fan of the skeleton detective although there wasnt as mush focus on his skeleton skills in this book as others it was still enjoyable.

    19. My spouse gave me this book to read so as to prepare me for our trip to Chichén Itzá. I had read it before. It's an engaging book and has some interesting background on the Maya and the Chichén Itzá site, which for the most part, seems to be relatively accurate.

    20. I subbed the forensics class yesterday. I should bring in more books by Elkins and Reichs for the students, it might enthuse them.

    21. Gideon Oliver, archaeologist, goes into field in Yucatan Peninsula to reopen a dig.Not bad.Ancient Mayan curse taking place.

    22. Another enjoyable episode in the life of the Skeleton Doctor. This one takes place on the Yucatan Peninsula. Quick read, good escapist story.

    23. Very much enjoyed the mystery, scenery and odd people in this one.Loved that I had in fact not figued out who did it.

    24. Exciting and educational like all books in the series. This one has a bit of humor too; the reading of the curse made me laugh out loud.

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