My Best Friend

My Best Friend It s summer and lily spends lots of time at the community pool where she sees tamika lily decides that tamika will be her new best friend only tamika already has a best friend and no matter how ha

  • Title: My Best Friend
  • Author: Mary Ann Rodman
  • ISBN: 9780142408063
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s summer, and lily spends lots of time at the community pool, where she sees tamika lily decides that tamika will be her new best friend only, tamika already has a best friend, and no matter how hard lily tries, she can t seem to impress tamika but without tamika, who will be lily s best friend with beautiful watercolor art and poignant text, this author and illustrIt s summer, and lily spends lots of time at the community pool, where she sees tamika lily decides that tamika will be her new best friend only, tamika already has a best friend, and no matter how hard lily tries, she can t seem to impress tamika but without tamika, who will be lily s best friend with beautiful watercolor art and poignant text, this author and illustrator create a timeless story about the difficulties of finding a friend.

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    1 thought on “My Best Friend”

    1. Heartbreaker about a 1st grader who REALLY wants to be best friends with a 2nd grader at the pool. Great to remember what it felt like when 1 year of age was enough to separate a total baby from a jaded sophisticate.

    2. "My Best Friend," written by Mary Ann Rodman and illustrated by E.B. Lewis, is a story about friendship that every child can relate to. The book features Lewis' beautifully painted watercolor illustrations of African American characters. This book is appropriate for students in kindergarten - second grade. I would use this book as a read aloud for children in the younger grades to teach about friendship. I would also add it to my bookshelf for students to read independently; I have not yet come [...]

    3. My Best FriendSummary: My Best Friend is about three young girls that are in a play group at the pool during the summer. Lily meets a girl named Tamika at the pool and wants to be best friends with her. Tamika already has a best friend and wants nothing to do with Lily. She tries everything she can to make Tamika be nice to her including getting a new bathing suit. When Tamika’s best friend is not there one day, she agrees to play with Lily. Meanwhile, Keesha is a girl that is Lily’s age and [...]

    4. This story is about a young African-American girl named Lily who wants desperately to be best friends with another girl, Tamika. These two girls along with many others meet and spend time together at the neighborhood playground and swimming pool. Lily looks up to Tamika and tries to impress her because she is older, popular, and possesses things that Lily wants. However, Tamika is not interested in Lily and even makes fun of her because she is younger; yet, another sweet girl named Keesha seems [...]

    5. My Best Friend is a story of six year old girl Lily who is determined to be friends with seven year old Tamika. The only problem is that Tamika ignores Lily and plays with Shanice, who picks on Lilly. Lily tries everything to get Tamika’s attention: buying a new bathing suit that looks like Tamika, learning how to dive to impress Tamika, and sharing her popsicle with Tamika. Readers will easily relate at the struggle of finding and maintaining friendships. This would be a great book for the cl [...]

    6. My 7 year and I read this book, my daughter said that she would give the book 3 stars, I however would give it 2. In reading the book it seemed borderline compulsive and obsessive with trying to have someone to be your friend. I understand that children have the desire to want to make friends but this went a little far. I especially did not like the ending nor did my daughter. I think as a parent we should explain to our children that when someone is being mean and ignoring you that pushing hard [...]

    7. My Best Friend is a great look at the difficulty of making friends. Lily really wants Tamika to be her friend, and knows that if she can just wear the right swimsuit, say the right things, and show Tamika how much fun they can have, that Lily can have Tamika as her friend. But you can't make someone be your friend and sometimes your real friends are right in front of you, but you don't know it yet.

    8. My Best Friend was a story about a little girl, Lily, who wants to be best friends with a girl named Tamika, but Tamika wants nothing to do with Lily. Lily tries to impress Tamika by getting a new bathing suit, learning how to dive,and letting Tamika use her noodle. After several attempts to get Tamika to be best friends with her, Lily decides that it is not worth it and becomes friends with Keesha. Lily learns that she should not have to impress people for them to be friends with her. I thought [...]

    9. This book deals with the topic of friendship for young children between the ages of 5 – 8 year olds. The cover page scene takes place at an outdoor swimming pool. One girl is standing on the concrete eating an ice cream and holding a second one in her other hand, as she looks at two girls standing in the pool together. It explores the topic of friendship from a different perspective. It deals with the concept of who will be a friend, what attracts friends to each other, and isolation. A younge [...]

    10. This book is about a young girl named Lily. She is six years old. It is summer time and every Wednesday she goes to the community pool. There is a girl named Tamika, who is seven years old, and Lily has already decided that Tamika is going to be her best friend, even though she doesn’t even know her. Every Wednesday at the pool Lily tries to get Tamika’s attention, however Tamika is best friends with Shanice. They don’t pay attention to Lily and they are sometimes rude to her. One day Shan [...]

    11. This picture book is set in the summertime at the pool. Lilly is six and she met a girl named, Tamika who is seven, and she wants to be her best friend. Tamika already has a best friend and doesn't seem to notice anything Lilly does. Lilly tries to impress Tamika by practicing her dive and getting a new bathing suit. Tamika thinks Lilly's bathing suit is for babies. At the pool, there is another six year old girl named Keesha. Keesha is always trying to get Tamika's attention and compliments her [...]

    12. This story, illustrated with watercolor pictures, features a young African American girl, Lily, who is spending her summer days at a community pool and wants nothing more than to be best friends with one of the older girls. Tamika already has a friend, though, and is not the least interested in playing with a “baby” – no matter how many new bathing suits she gets, or popsicles she shares, or dives she can do. An even younger girl, Keesha, really wants to play with Lily, though, and reminds [...]

    13. Lily desperately wants to be best friends with Tamika, an older girl she knows from the swimming pool, even though Tamika and her friend Shanice call her a baby. When Keesha, a girl Lily’s age, sympathizes, Lily discovers that friendship sometimes blossoms in unexpected places. The pain of being rejected and the happiness that comes from genuine friendship are both evident in Lily’s story, and readers will share her emotions. Lewis’ realistic watercolor illustrations of the young African-A [...]

    14. This book is about a little girl named Lily who so badly wants Tamika to be her best friend. Lily tries over and over again at the pool to get Tamika to notice her, she buys a new bathing suit and even learns how to dive. Tamika does not give Lily the time of day; she's not interested in being best friends. After time passes Lily finally realizes it's okay to be friends with the other little girl, Keesha. They play together and have fun. This book could be used in my classroom to help teach my s [...]

    15. "My Best Friend" is a book about the importance of friendship. Lily want Tamika to be her best friend, but she is a year older, she is 7. She does different things to impress Tamika but she plays with Shanice who is also 7. Keesha wants to be Lily's friend but Lily doesn't. At the end Keesha and Lily become best friends, they are the same age. I think this would be helpful to use in the classroom to implement a predicting lesson for the students. The students can predict who is going to become w [...]

    16. I have been looking for a book to read with my year 3 class to help explore some friendship issues. This is the story of a little girl, desperate to be 'best friends' with another girl who she sees at the swimming pool. It explores issues of trying to 'make' someone like you, three being a crowd and what happens when people don't act or respond as you'd like them to. It provoked a lot of valuable discussion amongst the children in my class. American in style, but a good stimulus to explore frien [...]

    17. "Tamika is my best friend. She just doesn't know it yet." It's summer, and six-year-old Lily has her new best friend picked up, but she just can't get seven-year-old Tamika's attention. Tamika ignores her, teases her, and spends time with other girls. Lily begs for a new bathing suit, learns to dive, but nothing works. In the end, Lily finds a better friend, Keesha, another six-year-old who wants to play and swim together. This story captures the real emotions of girls navigating the waters of f [...]

    18. I appreciate that this book addresses something a lot of kids struggle with - being snubbed by someone you want to be friends with - but I was annoyed that the main character tried for so long to impress a girl who clearly wanted nothing to do with her. She also never figured out that she was basically doing the exact same thing to another girl at the pool. Good to read with kids if you want to talk about friendship, but I feel like there are hire quality books out there that tackle the same sub [...]

    19. What a wonderful story, and so beautifully illustrated. I think kids will really connect to how realistic this story is. Lily goes to the swimming pool all summer and tries to befriend Tamika, who is one year older than her. She tries everything, but Tamika isn't interested and is a bit mean. Then Lily realizes she has been acting the same way towards another girl and decides to befriend her instead and forget about Tamika. The illustrations are done in watercolor and manage to be both photo-rea [...]

    20. I thought this was a very thought out book and the pictures were very vivid. This would be great to read to children in a classroom setting because they can relate to the girl. This book is about a six year old who tries so hard to befriends with a seven year old, but yet she wont give her the time of day. The girl thinks she is her best friend even though she ignores her. You can relate this to students and their siblings or even other children at the school. You can connect to students and ask [...]

    21. This book is told by Lily, a six year old African American girl, who struggles to find a friend one summer. Lily does everything she can think of to impress her "best friend", Tamika; however, after a summer of trying she realizes Tamika is not the type of friend she is looking for. This story would be great to use to teach the theme of friendship. This story does a great job of explaining what a true friend is and how it is not always easy to find friends. It also shows the importance of findin [...]

    22. A cute story about a tenacious 1st grade girl who wants to be friends with Tamika who is a year older. Lilly tries everything, getting a suit that is just like Tamika's, sharing her popsicle, getting her dad to teach her how to dive, but no matter what she does, Tamika doesn't play with her. This book does a great job of capturing the tenacity of young children.E. B. Lewis' watercolors capture the joy of being at the community pool during the hot summer.

    23. Charlotte Zolotow Award (2006), Ezra Jack Keats Book Award for New Writer (2006)Cute story about what friendship is really all about. Lily wants to be best friends with Tamika, but Tamika and Shanice make fun of Lily for being younger. Ultimately, Lily makes friends with a girl her own age who is really nice, and doesn't worry about Tamika anymore. Good book for a story time on friendship, especially with elementary kids in the Heights.

    24. I loved the "moral of the story"! It's beautiful in it's simplicity, without spelling out the lesson to be learned, allowing children to see the wisdom in it for themselves. I can see this exact scenario playing out with my own children, not to mention the memories from my own childhood which were rekindled.

    25. Saw an old favorite at the library and just had to pick it up again. 6 year old Lily wants so much to be Tamika's best friend. But 7 year old Tamika would rather play with Shanice. No matter what Lily does to foster a friendship, Tamika ignores her. Finally Lily realizes that Keesha, another 6 year old is actually a better friend and spends the rest of the summer playing with Keesha.

    26. This book is kind of sad but a good one for parents to share with kids. It can be very hard for some children to fit in with their peers and to find a "best friend." This book shows that every child goes through somewhat of the same thing with finding friends. Everyone starts out without any friends and has to make the difficult step of branching out and making friends.

    27. This is a beautifully illustrated story about six-year-old Lily who is trying so hard to be friends with seven-year-old Tamika. She tries getting a new bathing suit, sharing snacks and toys with her, and learning how to dive. But nothing impresses Tamika. The awesome watercolor pictures really support the story of trying to make friends and how difficult that can be if you're not the same age.

    28. Sunshine bounces from dancing water on every of this gorgeously captured exploration of poolside politics and the prevalent pain of unrequited attentions.You can listen in on our chat about this book on ourJust One More Book! Children's Book Podcast.

    29. It's summer and six-year-old Lily enjoys spending time at the community pool. Lily decides that her best friend is a seven-year-old girl named Tamika. Tamika sees it differently. Tamika already has a best friend and despite Lily's efforts, Tamika is unwilling to make room for another. Will Lily go the entire summer without a friend? Read to find out!

    30. This is kind of a strange booka girl inexplicably wants to be best friends (not friends, BEST friends) with a girl who is a year older and wants nothing to do with her. There's a strange, mixed message for readers here.

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