Agents of Chaos I: Hero's Trial

Agents of Chaos I Hero s Trial After the death of his beloved partner Chewbacca at the hands of the alien Yuuzhan Vong Han Solo is full of grief and despair and out for revenge

  • Title: Agents of Chaos I: Hero's Trial
  • Author: James Luceno
  • ISBN: 9780099409977
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • After the death of his beloved partner Chewbacca at the hands of the alien Yuuzhan Vong, Han Solo is full of grief and despair and out for revenge.

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    1. The following review contains spoilers, so be forewarned. Actually, it contains one major spoiler, which---to fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe---isn't really a spoiler, since, apparently, everyone in the world knew about it except for me. In any case, I'm trying to be respectful to those fans who may have not caught the news and haven't read the books in this series yet, so, if you're one of those, you may want to skip this review as I will be revealing some big secrets of the SWEU and th [...]

    2. For this they killed Chewbacca?!This was awful. Pointless. The whole Yuuzhan Vong thing is interminably boring.Cover art is supposed to make you want to buy the book. The art on the covers of this series is so bad, it makes you want to look for a plain, brown wrapper. Is the guy on the left supposed to be Han Solo?

    3. The new Jedi order completely outpaces anything in the Starwars genre. This series was Dark, exciting, fast paced, and inspired. The writing was fantastic and the level of philosophy and force history was unparalleled. If your a fan at any level of the Starwars Universe than this series is a must read. It is on my top 5 of all time for a series and I treasured every moment I spent in that time. But beware, this isn't your typical Starwars book, be ready for a level of intensity that you've never [...]

    4. Hero's Trial is a mediocre book in what has otherwise been a decent series to date. The first three books (written by R.A. Salvatore and Michael Stackpole) were quite decent, which makes the shortcomings in Hero's Trial even more disappointing.The book isn't horrible; it's just not fun to read. With the exception of Droma, a new buddy Luceno introduces for Han, nearly every character in the book is painfully boring. The Yuuzhan Vong, who were engaging in the first three books, became nothing mor [...]

    5. The enjoyable Yuuzhan Vong war story continues and this time the tale veers away from the Jedi and instead revolves around Han Solo. He had been missing from the last couple of books other than cameos, because he was mourning the loss of Chewie.He discovered, from an old friend, that a former colleague was helping out the Vong and he may have inadvertently helped the Vong destroy the planet in the event that killed Chewie. While hunting this colleague, Han discovered a plot to eliminate the Jedi [...]

    6. Welcome back, Han Solo! We missed you!The Yuuzhan Vong have a new plan to kill the Jedi: send Elan, a priestess of the Deception sect, into their midst as a defector and poison them. Meanwhile, Han Solo finally comes around and starts to come to terms with his griefTE: Based on audiobook and novel.I find myself at odds trying to rate this book. On one hand, when I first read this, I was bored stiff. The language was too heavy, the plot too invisible, the characters too mediocre. On the other han [...]

    7. Hero's Trial is a perfect example of what James Luceno is capable of as a writer. With incredibly rich character depth and compelling action sequences, Hero's Trial explores Han Solo better than any other book out there.As we saw in the two books prior to this, Han has been racked by the death of his longtime friend and copilot, Chewbacca. Full of angst about the future ahead without Chewy, Han lashes out against his family and friends, and especially his son, Anakin, whom he partially blames fo [...]

    8. I really enjoyed reading “Star Wars The New Jedi Order Agents Of Chaos I” by James Luceno. The book’s action really brings out the characters’ traits in the book. When I read this book, I always wanted to continue reading, because I wanted to know what's going to happen next. This book showed me the different viewpoints of the character. The book went through the emotions Han Solo felt after losing his beloved partner Chewbacca. Han Solo went all over the galaxy by himself in despair and [...]

    9. James Luceno always does a amazing job in the Star Wars universe.So many positives about this book ill take the time to list a few.One is the transformation of Han Solo after Chewbaccas death.Just as he was settling into the role of husband and father the loss of his best friend sends him into a tailspin and vengeance is what is foremost in his mind.Also liked how C3PO explored what can only be explained as feelings.His views on death were surprising and insightful for a droid.The author gave hi [...]

    10. This book effectively deals with Han's grief over the death of a friend, going back to his roots as a smuggler while unable to fully avoid his new life as a leader and father.

    11. Han Solo returns and he is not happy. After attending (view spoiler)[ Chewbacca's funeral on Kashyyyk (hide spoiler)], Han runs into an old friend from his smuggling days, Roa, who informs him that some in the New Republic are starting to collaborate with the invading Yuuzhan Vong, forming a coalition known as the Peace Brigade. Han decides to investigate their actions on his own. Along the way he picks up a new sidekick, Droma, who is a member of a much reviled alien species known as the Ryn. L [...]

    12. Hello Han. And welcome to the world of accepting that Chewie is dead.I have enjoyed enough James Luceno outtakes to nearly brand him as one of the most creative if not expansive writers of the Star Wars EU, and thank the maker he summed up what Han was doing right now that Chewie's dead- by his duology Agents of Chaos.Hero's Trial is an easy read. No doubt about it. But what got me hooked in this novella is that James Luceno proudly links old New Republic plotlines to the liking of my flair- mos [...]

    13. I liked this book better than Dark Tide, but not by much. It just didn't progress the story very much. All the important plot didn't really need a whole book to cover them. At this point it feels that they're just unnecessarily drawing out this New Jedi Order story. Vector Prime was a pretty good start, and I'm wondering if that was the peak of the series. I'll probably skip the next Agents of Chaos book, hopefully the book after that will get the wheels turning again.

    14. I liked this book but the feel is more like the episodes of clone wars on tv which I think is a good thing. I think they might even be better as graphic novels, they just seem short as a book, I guess if you read them all together it becomes a pretty big book. I am hook and I will keep reading. They are still better than a lot of stuff out there.

    15. This series killed Chewbacca in the first book, and it's now book 4 and they are still milking it. We only now get the funeral and Han's forgiveness of his son, Anikin. I've never seen so much treading water outside of a bad soap opera. It just never ends. This series, so far, has had one surprising twist and then 4 novels of "remember that thing we did? That was cool, right?"This is the M. Night Shamalan of book series', thus far.

    16. OK, I really didn't read it, but read the summary's on different sites along with reviews and it sounds like it was OK that I skipped it as it wasn't worth it.

    17. This begins six months after the events in Vector Prime.In true Luceno fashion (which, back in 2000, I didn't realize was his M.O.), he provides an information dump. He was a great choice to write a stronger focus on the Yuuzhan Vong and provide multiple points of view from the species. He also brings in females, which shows a new tone to the invasion-it's not just about warriors and a few politicians, but priests and priestesses and battle tacticians. Yet there is a LOT, especially for those wh [...]

    18. After 60 or so Star Wars novels this is where my interest in the big three (Luke, Han and Leia) finally stopped. By the time I hit book 4 in the 'New Jedi Order' series it was becoming quite clear it was not a direction I wished to be drawn in any further. The signs were there in the first 3 books. Vector Prime while fresh and new was a chore to get through and Michael A Stakepoles series was saved by his characters in the New Republic side of the conflict. I know Del Rey were looking to take St [...]

    19. I liked this book. I didn't love it--possibly because it fell on the heels of the frenzied pace of the first three books in The New Jedi Order. Hero's Trial slowed everything down to take a look at the grieving Han and his journey.James Luceno is a pretty darn good writer. Better than Michael Stackpole, I'd wager. Unfortunately for Luceno, this story didn't really grab me like the first three did. In the long run, that's probably good for the series as a whole, since we can't keep ramping up the [...]

    20. While Hero's Trial, the fourth book in the massive New Jedi Order series and the first in author James Luceno's Agents of Chaos duology doesn't have quite the same epic scope as previous NJO volumes (no planets die in this one), it is still a crucial volume in the series.Essentially, Hero's Trial is a Han Solo adventure, which is fine considering that Han has been more or less MIA during the previous two NJO books, drowning his sorrows after the loss of Chewbacca in Vector Prime (Star Wars: The [...]

    21. Luceno has an unfortunate tendency to use twenty words in a sentence where less than ten would serve:"The narrow pressbonded lanes were crowded with spindly Myneyrshi, armored Psadans, humans, and Noghri, but interspersed among them were small groups of Bimms, Falleen, Bothans, and other species, lingering in front of hotels or sipping drinks at streetside cafe tables."I suppose this habit of species name-dropping serves to add some degree of authenticity for fans of the Star Wars universe, but [...]

    22. Han Solo had been rather absent from the last few books, except for a few random appearances to argue with Leia and to make Anakin feel even more terrible about Chewbacca's death than he already does. He's spent three books running away from his grief primarily so he can be the focus of this book where we finally see him deal with it. Without telling anyone in his family where he's going or what he's doing, he runs off, returning to his shady past in order to track down a fellow smuggler. He run [...]

    23. For the most part, I liked this book. Han Solo's always been one of my favorite characters, so I was excited to read a novel mostly devoted to him. Throughout most of the novel, I felt like Luceno captured his character rather well, especially in the scene where Han revisits each the adventures he had with Chewie in the minute details of the Falcon. I was as heartbroken as Han in that scene. The development for other characters, however, seemed to fall a little flat and at points, some of them s [...]

    24. The Agents of Chaos novels have related storylines, but they function as stand-alone novels as well. Hero's Trial has two main story arcs - Han Solo, who is finally coming to grips with Chewbacca's death, and the Yuuzhan Vong's latest plan to harm the New Republic by killing the Jedi.Han uses his thirst for vengeance to get out of a drunken slump. He runs into an old friend who conveniently is looking to stop a former associate who is working for the Yuuzhan Vong through an organization known as [...]

    25. Definitely better than any of the NJO novels so far. James Luceno is one of those authors whose name I recognize but I'm not entirely sure I've read, but it's clear he's not a bad writer at all, at least when adopting licensed characters.The good:-I want to know more about Vergere. -I like Droma and want him to stick around some more.-Han's back.The bad:-The bit about C3PO reminiscing about death seems a bit out of character and forced. I do appreciate that Luceno took him to task for being a ch [...]

    26. I really liked how Han Solo dealt with Chewie's death by becoming the rogue he was early in his careera sort of "if I go back to that time, Chewie's still with me" sort of thing. I also liked that his smuggling past ran head long into the Yuuzhan Vong and their plans for destroying the New Republic. It was the classic Han Solo attitude that saved them all in the end for his being suspicious of well never mind, I won't totally ruin it for you.Here is what I did not like: Droma. He is too philosop [...]

    27. Finished reading " Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Hero's Trial " Not bad. I like the fact that the Star Wars universe is expanding. New characters and new directions. James Luceno is a good author and knows how to write a Star Wars novel.The Yuuzhan Vong have been pushing deeper into the New Republic. They have made some decisive victories. The Vong have concocted a plan to wipe out the Jedi. They allow one of their agents to defect to the New Republic but the agent is a bio weapon waiting to ha [...]

    28. Star Wars is all about these magicians with laser swords dashing about the galaxy helping people. Inevitably, they attract rogues, droids, and other odd people but that is what it's about. Then there's Han. He is the most interesting rogue the universe has offered, often outshining Luke in the original trilogy. And Chewie, his sidekick. Han deserved a novel focusing on his grief. Many people who read Star Wars like the action and superpowers, but in this book you get more of an "Empire Strikes B [...]

    29. The fourth book in the New Jedi Order series, this one proved to be better than the last two. James Luceno proved to be a wonderful writer with a knack at introducing great and interesting new characters to the story. The only problem is that he doesn't seem to get inside the character's heads very well. This didn't bother me very much, but sometimes it was difficult not knowing what the main characters were thinking. One other problem I had with this was that it was all about Han Solo. It seems [...]

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