Captain America: Steve Rogers #4

Captain America Steve Rogers CIVIL WAR II TIE IN With war on the horizon Steve attempts to broker a truce between Iron Man and Captain Marvel

  • Title: Captain America: Steve Rogers #4
  • Author: Nick Spencer Javier Pina Aaron Kuder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • CIVIL WAR II TIE IN With war on the horizon, Steve attempts to broker a truce between Iron Man and Captain Marvel.

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      208 Nick Spencer Javier Pina Aaron Kuder
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    1 thought on “Captain America: Steve Rogers #4”

    1. Estos cuatro primeros números de los "nuevos" capitanes me han enganchado mucho y continuaré la serie sin duda. Tenemos a la opinión pública que exige a Sam Wilson, antiguo Halcón, que entregue de nuevo el título de Capitán América a Steve Rogers, que ha vuelto recuperado y rejuvenecido tras unos sucesos relacionados con S.H.I.E.L.D y un cubo cósmico, y por otro lado al propio Rogers, que está muy cambiado y tiene una relación muy particular con su archienemigo Cráneo Rojo. Hydra est [...]

    2. So good! Nick storytelling is great, you really feel for Steve in this one and the art is beautifulI need #5 NOW! Ps: For the people that are not even reading the story and just giving it one starC'mon grow up! If you cannot handle bad things happening to characters, stay away from fiction.

    3. I have so many mixed feelings about this Captain America run. It isn't necessarily bad and the writing has some moments of greatness but I'm not sure I really like how Spencer moves the story along. It just seems like a very artificial story and eye rolling story because Spencer makes a big deal of revealing one huge thing in another issue but then the next reveal is something that is opposite. It is just getting a little annoying at this point. I want Spencer to prove he is actually writing a g [...]

    4. They have turned Captain America Sam Wilson into a bleeding heart liberal and Steve Rogers into a villain. I was so happy when I heard they were bringing back Steve Rogers, I subscribed to it. I have been so very disappointed. In this issue, Rogers gets deeper into Hydra and the fallout over Pleasant Hill continues for Maria Hill. That's probably the best part of this issue. I hate this story arc for Captain America.

    5. I was a little thrown off by story aspects of things I was not following, but other than that this was extremely well done. It only lost the star because I was lost, which is not really the fault of the author if I wasn't following more closely in past issues.

    6. Considering how unremarkable the art is and how dense the dialogue boxes are, this might have worked better as a novel or even a television show. As is, this taxing to read and feels like very little has happened. Steve's been in the same room for 2 issues and I doubt he'll be leaving it in the next one. All that said, the concept is strong–especially in regards to the other characters–even if what Spencer is trying to say with it is a bit muddled.

    7. I suppose the derailment was bound to happen sooner or later. This series, that began by courting controversy has now dwindled into a verbose, complicated mess. I keep telling myself the writer has a plan, yet the convoluted machinations of the plot and of Steve's corrupted brain is making it less plausible by the issue.In this one, Hydra-Cap does nothing but talk, and I mean this in the literal sense. He doesn't move from his position, instead giving us pages-long explanations for why Dr. Selvi [...]

    8. I wonder if the Red Ghost was bought in for a Harambe tribute. Even after all that killing, Rogers has still the right sense for freedom, or atleast he feels so. I like how Spencer likes to put in some details from the world around us t make us feel more in sync with the story. I really hope this ends out good.

    9. Captain America is so Captain America that he can't even have his history re-written in a way that prevents him from ultimately trying to be more like himself.

    10. No entendí lo del cambio de portada porque no vi donde Iron Man y Captain Marvel se suponía que se iban a pelear fuera de eso este número estuvo bastante entretenido cof cof sale Tanos cof cof xD

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