A World of New

A World of New Because one can t simply fire a Novak Prepare to be sucked back in to the breathtaking new world of The Shade

  • Title: A World of New
  • Author: Bella Forrest
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Because one can t simply fire a Novak Prepare to be sucked back in to the breathtaking new world of The Shade

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      166 Bella Forrest
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    1. CAPTIVATING, RIVETING AND DIVINELY ENTERTAINING !!!Title: A World of NewSeries: A Shade of VampireDesignation: Book Twenty Six of a Multi-Novel Serial, NOT a Standalone ReadAuthor: Bella ForrestGenre: Young Adult Paranormal RomanceReading Platform: Kindle UnlimitedMy Rating: FIVE CAPTIVATING STARS *****A World of New by Bella Forrest is the twenty-sixth release in the spellbinding A Shade of Vampire Series and has totally left me breathless - again! Like thousands of my fellow Shaddicts around t [...]

    2. Just like all her other books it is incredibly drawn out and not very well written. Unfortunately for me I enjoy the story line I just really hope it ends before 40 books

    3. One of my favourites reads in the series. Giving it 4.5 stars. I couldn’t put this one down, despite me being slightly disappointing when seeing there wasn’t so much focus on Bastien and Victoria on this title to begin with. However Bella worked her magic at creating another unbelievable duo in grace and josh/Lawrence. I was happy with speed at which their relationship was going, it wasn’t bad rushed as some like rose and Caleb and I am left wondering what could possibly be next for them n [...]

    4. When Victoria was taken back to the shade her wolf Bastien believed she lied to him so she sits,and worries as her family goes and searches for him. While on the search they run into a man in a wheelchair when Grace and the witch Shayla bring him back he is paralyzed from the,waist down. When he comes,to grace sees that he has amnesia. So they make up a name Josh. They jinn and witches try everything to bring back his memories and his paralysis, but no effect. When everything starts going from b [...]

    5. Liked the storyI liked the story but i so wish that this book continued with Victoria and Bastiens story. I didn't feel Grace and Joshs story had as much excitement as Victoria and Bastiens but regardless i still liked the book and will continue to read the series 😊

    6. Very good booksLike it says if you like twilight saga you will love theses books ep up the great work and I will continue reading.

    7. The war is onThe Shade continue to hold their own against the IBSI and it seems that there is a war brewing. Time for the good supernaturals to take over.

    8. What an amazing book, we start off with the shades league team going out to eradicate IBSI and search for Bastien . Cud he possibly of escaped the distruction of The woodlands? Victoria is unhappy that Ben saved her and now Bastien will probably think it was her who bought the carnage rained upon the wolves, when it was in fact his cousin. We meet Grace who is hung up on Heath but when talking he explains he's sworn to celibacy to pursue his occupation of priest at The heartlands. With grace hap [...]

    9. The best way to describe how Bella manages to make one fall in love with all of her characters and how her books make one feel, I believe is captured perfectly in this latest installment by Victoria - "To be so consumed with thoughts of them that you’re rendered dysfunctional?"Well, once again I was glued to every single word of this new addition, with both its recent and newest adventures flooding my mind with excitement and intreague of what's to come next.Derik also manages to outline the b [...]

    10. Shade 26Omg How many times can I say , Thanks Again Bella! I'm so lost,engrossed,excited , and Loving "THE SHADE "!!!!! Count down to the next book! This has to be the longest most interesting series I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I don't even know how I ended up reading the first book ! But I am so glad I did! I started when the Shade was about 15 books in and loved being able to start the next book as soon as I finished the last and then I was stuck waiting month by month until the [...]

    11. The battle begins! The people of The Shade have constantly endured setbacks due to Hunters (ISBD) Influence. While The Shade protects humans, ISBD is as ruthless as ever with their secrets, underhanded ways and "kill on sight" attitude toward supernaturals. When The Shade reveals what ISBD has really been up to, the war is on! Then the there's Grace and Victoriaey have adventures of their own. This book is full of twists, turns and emotional rollercoaster rides! I can't wait to see what's in sto [...]

    12. Omg, the Shade of Vampires series just keep getting better with every book! There is so much action and drama going on that keeps you turning the pages to see what happens next. I love that we are still getting to hear from all our favorite characters and at the same time being introduced to the next generation of the shade, who are already creating as much drama and romance as their parents and grandparents. It was an awesome read and I look forward to reading the next book. A must agog to your [...]

    13. Nicely doneOk so at first I hated it. I expected it to pick up right were Bastian and Victoria left off, instead it picked up with something new. Grace and Josh, or rather, Lawrence. I'm glad that in the end we got to see a little more following Victoria and Bastian but now I'm mad that I have to wait till May. It was a great book and I'm hoping that Josh (Lawrence) gets cured, him and Grace are so perfect together.

    14. another great story lawrence aka josh was a surprise and i guess we will find out later his role other than grace taking care of himien has been found and a what a journey he has been on Victoria still seems to be the sweetheart in this series i really like her character the most.of course the ibsi are a pain in the butt now to continue the story with what all realms they have been to and what supernatural have they destroyed .y derek lead the supernaturals to safety

    15. Still slower than the last 3 storylines in this series but I guess that is expected to develop so many characters. They spent a lot of time on Grace in this book and I have to admit that I really did not care to read it. I hope it picks up and catches my attention more in the next book. Maybe Grace's male interest (not trying to give up spoilers) will become more interesting.

    16. Two stories in oneAnother adventure for those of the shade. I do have to say though the detail is a bit run on and over done. I had to just skip over a few sections & chapters to much detail not enough story. Yet the story that is here is good. This new series of the shade is as fun as the original.

    17. At first I had trouble keeping everyone separated and keeping track of who was related to who but once I got that straightened out I flew through the book. I got right into it and couldn't put it down. I love how Bella kept the series going by creating characters, children of previous characters and their journeys to find who they are and where they fit in their world.

    18. A New Adventure BeginsWe dive further into the lives of the next generation of Shade citizens. Supernaturals are out in the open, but all is not well. Doing what they can to help, the Shade still has issues with the IBIS, and they won't be dismissed and allow the hunters to run rampant.

    19. Amazing!As always, Bella has completely blown me away! While I am not wild about cliffhangers, she does them in such a way that you are chomping at the bit for the next book and she doesn't make you wait too long between books, which makes me totally thrilled. So, all in all, another incredible book by an extremely talent author!

    20. Can't put downRead all the books in this collection including kievs story and the dragons story. A must read for all except children, but on the whole couldn't put it down, even other books I have waiting to be read are put on the back burner till I finished the latest shade book.

    21. Those Hunters Just Don't Get It !Not one book in this series has disappointed us ,every book has it's own oohs and ahs .The Dragons sure did light a fire on those hunters behind, bet they won't try knocking a the Shades door again, thinking that they are bad

    22. Even more hooked onto the shade series then before. Love all the new characters that we get to shee and love how they all entwin with each other. Definitly another brillaint book and can't wait to she how it all goes.

    23. Phenomenal!I feel like I'm constantly repeating myself after I finish these books but I love this series it has so many twists and turns and its just amazing! I'm so excited for the next book!

    24. Struggled with this one I felt like the beginning doesn't flow quite as easily as the others but I'm glad I've persevered as it did get much better. Possibly because of all the new characters and the time jump. Just about to start bk27

    25. A 2nd Generation of the ShadeThis story picks up later in the history of The Shade. It seems the children that have been born to all the Novaks and company are more beginning adventures of their own. There's plenty of the original cast still very much front and center.

    26. Not my particular favorite but at this rate I'm fully invested in the characters and just want to see how everything will end - hopefully there is a cap to This series - at this rate it's "One Life to Live" - The paranormal season

    27. I freaking love this series!! I don't care which character Bella has written about because I'm going to read it! The characters are amazing and each book keeps you interested in everything that's going on! If the shade were real I would move there. I'm hoping this series never ends.

    28. I love all themI chose this serie because I love the way the book are is like she don't live nothing pending everything go with something in the history and everything is related one way or another that why.

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