40 Days of Decrease: A Different Kind of Hunger. A Different Kind of Fast.

Days of Decrease A Different Kind of Hunger A Different Kind of Fast What if you fasted regret What if your friends fasted comparison What if your generation fasted escapism What if your community fasted spectatorship Such heart fasts could trigger a spiritual revoluti

  • Title: 40 Days of Decrease: A Different Kind of Hunger. A Different Kind of Fast.
  • Author: Alicia Britt Chole
  • ISBN: 9780718076603
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • What if you fasted regret What if your friends fasted comparison What if your generation fasted escapism What if your community fasted spectatorship Such heart fasts could trigger a spiritual revolution Via readings, refection questions, daily fasts, ancient quotes, and , this is the dream of 40 Days of Decrease A Different Kind of Hunger A Different Kind of Fast.EveWhat if you fasted regret What if your friends fasted comparison What if your generation fasted escapism What if your community fasted spectatorship Such heart fasts could trigger a spiritual revolution Via readings, refection questions, daily fasts, ancient quotes, and , this is the dream of 40 Days of Decrease A Different Kind of Hunger A Different Kind of Fast.Every day offers a meaningful consideration of Jesus journey and then invites readers into a daily fast of heart clutter, the stuff that sticks to our souls and weighs us down You can begin your forty day journey any time of the year, but you may find it especially meaningful as a Lenten preparation to live in awe of Jesus resurrection Each daily, 1000 word entry will includea devotional based on Jesus cross ward life a reflection question to guide journaling or group discussion a heart fast to inspire a tangible response a thought provoking Lenten quote an optional sidebar into the historical development of Lent.a suggested reading that takes you from John 12 to John 21journaling space for reflectionIn the same way self cannot satisfy self no matter how long it feasts, self cannot starve self no matter how long it fasts Decrease like increase is only holy when its destination is love We thin our lives to thicken our communion with God.Dare to live awed by Christ s resurrection Intuitive, prophetic, and profoundly inspiring, calling forth a revolution of soul health, stirring our passion to know Jesus DARLENE ZSCHECH, Composer, Worship Leader, Pastor, and Speaker God has sounded a clear chor d of revelation through Alicia Chole God uses her to lovingly guide the reader into recognizing His presence, purpose, and power in times of necessary loss DR CLAUDE R ALEXANDER, JR Lead Pastor of The Park Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC

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      253 Alicia Britt Chole
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    1. About the Book:We ache deep within to meaningfully honor Christ’s resurrection. Yet, in practice, this focal point in the liturgical calendar is often a celebration of public holiday more than it is of humanity’s hope. At day’s end, we fall asleep well-fed and perhaps even grateful, yet still somehow something short of awed. Enduring awe is rarely the fruit of a morning’s celebration. Enduring awe is the fruit of daily participation with Jesus, our resurrected Love. 40 Days of Decrease i [...]

    2. Ann Voskamp introduced me to the notion of using Lent to fast a different aspect of life each day. She provided a verse to meditate on and a prayer to pray. Alicia Britt Chole has provided a devotional that provides more detail as one walks through the season of Lent and follows Jesus' steps. In particular, the final week was very powerful as Chole had us imagine ourselves as one of a variety of the people that participated in Jesus' walk to the Cross and then His resurrection. "Like John the Ba [...]

    3. In an era when society tells us to accumulate more, whether its possessions, self-confidence, or clout, Chole wants us to practice the spiritual discipline of decrease. This is a Lenten devotional unlike any I've read before. Through an experience of surgery and loss of strength, Chole realized clutter had been collecting around her faith. She identified “sins of addition” in her life. She knew that Jesus lived an uncluttered life and she longed to follow His example.There are so many aspect [...]

    4. For Lent 2016 I used this book to guide what I call my "Lent warm up." I wasn't practicing Lent as much as I was/am warming up to the idea of practicing it. See, I'm not about the whole fast from something for 40 days only to gorge on it Easter Sunday and no difference has been made in my life or heart as the result of my 40 days of denial. Lent is more than giving up coffee, Faceook, beer, or slurpees for 40 days. Lent is supposed to be a season of preparation that leads to transformation. So w [...]

    5. Like the advent season leading up to Christmas, Lent is the season leading up to Easter. A quick Google search explains that "Lent is a season of forty days, not counting Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. Lent comes from the Anglo Saxon word lencten, which means "spring." The forty days represents the time Jesus spent in the wilderness, enduring the temptation of Satan and preparing to begin his ministry.Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for th [...]

    6. What if Lent wasn't meant to be just a period of duty-bound deprivation? What if it could be a season of preparation, where a time of renunciation helps set our soul right and readys it for Resurrection fullness?It is Alicia's conviction that we need to recover this second view of the Lent, and that if we did, it would become a meaningful part of the cycle of faith.Lent: waiting, watching, wondering, making space inside to holding the hard things and the sacred sadness. And then, we awaken to Ea [...]

    7. A fresh 40 day Lenten devotion that makes you aware of areas where the worldly values has taken over your life and left your spirit weary and thirsting for refreshment. Fasting, or letting go of, things like success, escapism, spectatorship, judgement, and 36 other qualities makes for a deep soul searching that reveals places where we need to grow in our relationship with Christ. This devotion carries the reader through Christ's journey to the cross and beyond with daily scripture reading from t [...]

    8. You’ve probably heard a lot about living a simpler life. In this book, Alicia Britt Chole develops that idea in an unexpected way.This is a deep, rich book, meant to be sipped slowly. Here’s a quote to give you a taste:"Faith, in general, is less about the sacrifice of stuff and more about the surrender of our souls. Lent, in kind, is less about well-mannered denials and more about thinning our lives in order to thicken our communion with God. Decrease is holy only when its destination is lo [...]

    9. This is an incredibly thought-provoking and spiritually challenging Lenten devotional. You could go through it at any point in the year, but it is truly special in the days leading up to the celebration of Easter. As I have been celebrating Easter throughout my entire life, I particularly appreciated the emphasis the author places on slowing down a well-known story to engage with each scene more fully. She has produced a work that is a wonderful blend of soul-searching reflections and academic f [...]

    10. This is one of those books that requires pre-reading and some planning to actually implement her suggested fasts. The forty days does not have to be limited to the season of Lent as the meditations and fasts are appropriate for any time one feels called to a period of spiritual reflection and renewal.

    11. I enjoyed the devotional, reflection, etc. daily and even managed to apply some of it throughout my day. It was a nice way to get ready for Easter and put Lent into a different light than what I had always thought it was. I couldn't get into the daily history section and always skipped over that towards the end.

    12. Alicia Britt Chole is a great writer. I enjoyed reading her book just for her vibrant, direct writing style. However, even with her amazing writing, I just couldn't get into this book. I couldn't identify with her daily intros, which were tiny snippets of Jesus' ministry from her perspective. These snippets would then connect to the daily "fast". I found the "fasts" not to be of great benefit. Fasting "collecting praise", a meal, "rationalism", "avoidance", "tidy faith" all seem like good things [...]

    13. This is a great study to do during lent or after lent as I did. I learned a lot about the history of lent and how and why we celebrate it. There were different ways to think about our walk with God, scripture reading and a place for journaling. I will plan to read it again next spring.

    14. Part devotional, part history, part theological study. A journey through Jesus's last days and Lenten tradition.

    15. Alice Britt Chole, 40 Days of Decrease: A Different Kind of Hunger, A Different Kind of Fast (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2016).Sometimes, it takes a crisis to force us to think deeply about life, what matters most, what deserves our best efforts.Alicia Britt Chole (pronounced SHOW-lee) opens her new book with a personal health scare. “A high fever, a few scans, multiple masses, possibly a lethal abcess…the specialists convened, conferred, counseled me to cancel all engagements and began c [...]

    16. Summary: A collection of 40 readings, reflections, and different kinds of fasts that encourage us to "thin our lives to thicken our communion with God."I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I first looked at this book. Would this be a collection of cheesy meditations and gimmicky ideas of what one might fast from? Having walked through the book, I would confess myself pleasantly surprised, as well as personally stretched, by the meditations, reflections, and ideas Alicia Britt Chole gives us i [...]

    17. I’ve always felt like I had difficulty properly celebrating the Easter season. I attend an evangelical church where Lent is not celebrated, and yet I’ve often felt drawn to the season. It seems like a deeper way to draw close to Jesus in a seasonal fashion. So, I was intrigued when I received the opportunity to review 40 Days of Decrease: A Different Kind of Hunger. A Different Kind of Fast.Here’s the cover description:We ache deep within to meaningfully honor Christ’s resurrection. Yet, [...]

    18. Coming from a denominational background that might mention Lent but doesn't greatly focus on it, I've not participated in the season much. So this was a pleasantly new area of Christian living for me to dive into and learn more about. Not only is 40 Days of Decrease a devotional for the Lent season, it educates the reader on Lent itself via a small, informative section each day.Additionally, each day includes:- a short devotional on a particular aspect of Jesus' life- a reflection that prompts t [...]

    19. I've used this book as a daily devotion through the lent season. Overall, I enjoyed it. The reading for each day is just a few pages, but thoughtful. Each day includes a recommended scripture reading that carries the reader through key passages in the gospel of John. Each day also called for a fast of something abstract--"heart clutter." These fasts included things like regret, isolation, and stinginess.Overall, I found the concept of this book and these fasts far more meaningful than the popula [...]

    20. When I ordered this book, there wasn't a lot of information given, but the title, especially, looked "interesting" for a Lenten book. Once I got into it, I realized it isn't necessarily a book I'd have chosen had I known a little more about it. Perhaps this was good, because, frankly, reading it made me face some of my "prejudices", or at least "preferences". Alicia Britt Chole, whom I've never heard of, is obviously of a more evangelical bent than I'm used to, but I have to say that she writes [...]

    21. Alicia Britt Chole's 40 Days of Decrease: A Different Kind of Hunger, a Different Kind of Fast is a devotional designed specifically for Lent. The book itself is sectioned according to 40 days of devotional Scripture readings from the Gospel of John, along with rich spiritual reflections on the sorts of "fastings" that demand more attention for Christians living in our own culture.The "fasts" here aren't your usual fasts -- chocolate, meat, internet -- but instead focus on attitudes and practice [...]

    22. I am constantly asked what I am going to give up for lent. I’ve never participated in the practice of giving something up during the time period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. It’s not that there aren’t things that I need to take a step back from in order to reflect on Christ, because I assure you, there are plenty, but more of a personal decision. I have done fasts in the past when I feel I need to reconnect with God or am feeling out of sorts and need to re-stabilize myself.In [...]

    23. 40 Days Of Decrease is a profound book that provides a rich resource of 40 non-traditional fasts that prepare you to be awed by the resurrection of Christ by allowing yourself to be daily crucified with Him. Each fast is structured as a study that contains a devotional based upon Jesus’ life, guidance for reflection, daily fasts, inspiring quotes, information about Lent, suggested Scripture readings and journaling space.Examples of the fasts you’ll find in this book include Regrets – Tidy [...]

    24. Raised Protestant in a conservative Baptist Church, observing Lent was something we didn't do or talk about. But dying to self is something Christ modeled and commanded. The author has done an excellent job of removing the obligatory fasting to earn favor mindset so common in some Lanten traditions and returns us to a place where we can truly focus on emptying ourselves in order to be filled with Christ. Daily fasts from things like regret or praise-seeking put the focus back on what Christ real [...]

    25. I read this book for Lent this year. I like the idea of "decrease" as the author puts it. Instead of fasting or taking something out of your normal life (sugar, tv, soda, social media, etc), the author invites you to fast different traits (such as isolation, criticism, and discontentment). Each day you read one section - a few pages total. However each day seems a little scattered to me. With a devotion, reflection, fast, blurb on the history of Lent, and a scripture reading, it was hard to get [...]

    26. Less. It is usually not a word we like. We are a culture addicted to increase. In her typical style, Author, Alicia Britt Chole encourages us to think about less differently. What if less clutter really means more space? What if less of “busy” means more peace? What if less of me, means more of Jesus? Alicia takes us on a journey where less is actually MORE.Using Lent as a mentor, Alicia sets before us a daily fast for 40 days. How would our lives change if we fasted things like: regret, com [...]

    27. This book was our book to read during the Lenten Season (took me a little longer!) It was a reading for each of the 40 days of Lent. Each reading had a narrative, a reflection, a thing to fast (decrease), and a scripture reading with an opportunity to journal about the day. I liked the idea of "decrease" during Lent, rather than "give up" something. To quote the author on Day Forty, "the past thirty-nine days of decrease have unsettled us, uncluttered us, and increased our capacity to see, serve [...]

    28. I really like this book. Alicia Britt Chole walks the reader through several different things at once. She presents a history of Lent and some ideas on how it became what it is today. She gives daily fasting ideas that require soul examination and focus. This book is unique in that it guides self examination while at the same time presenting a historical education for those o us who are desiring to learn more about Lent.

    29. This book has guided my personal reflection and worship since Ash Wednesday; giving me the most meaningful season of Lent I've ever known! It truly guides in a "different kind of fasting" and makes space for more of Jesus! It can be used at any point on the calendar, or tuck away for next year's Lenten season

    30. Wow! Do yourself a favor and take this 40-day journey. There is so much healing, hope, and Jesus in these pagesenough to start a spiritual revolution in your life, in your family, your community, your world.

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