Star Wars: The Rise of the Empire

Star Wars The Rise of the Empire Witness the rise of the Empire with these two thrilling Star Wars novels plus exclusive short stories by Melissa Scott John Jackson Miller and Jason Fry TARKIN Compelling The villains of Star Wars a

  • Title: Star Wars: The Rise of the Empire
  • Author: John Jackson Miller James Luceno Melissa Scott Jason Fry
  • ISBN: 9781101965030
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Witness the rise of the Empire with these two thrilling Star Wars novels plus exclusive short stories by Melissa Scott, John Jackson Miller, and Jason Fry TARKIN Compelling The villains of Star Wars are as much fun as the good guys New York Daily News Under Governor Wilhuff Tarkin s guidance, an ultimate weapon of unparalleled destruction the so called Death StWitness the rise of the Empire with these two thrilling Star Wars novels plus exclusive short stories by Melissa Scott, John Jackson Miller, and Jason Fry TARKIN Compelling The villains of Star Wars are as much fun as the good guys New York Daily News Under Governor Wilhuff Tarkin s guidance, an ultimate weapon of unparalleled destruction the so called Death Star moves ever closer to becoming a terrifying reality Until then, insurgency remains a genuine threat Guerrilla attacks by an elusive band of freedom fighters must be countered with swift and brutal action a mission the Emperor entrusts to his most formidable agents Darth Vader, the fearsome new Sith enforcer, and Tarkin, whose tactical cunning and cold blooded efficiency will pave the way for the Empire s supremacy and its enemies extinction A NEW DAWNForeword by Dave Filoni A story with pacing and dialogue that feels like classic Star Wars Nerdist Ever since the Jedi were marked for death, Kanan Jarrus has devoted himself to staying alive rather than serving the Force So when he discovers a conflict brewing between Imperial forces and desperate revolutionaries, he s not about to get caught in the crossfire Then the brutal death of a friend forces him to choose between bowing down to fear or standing up to fight But Jarrus won t be fighting alone Soon he is joined by Hera Syndulla a mysterious agent provocateur with motives of her own in challenging the Empire for the sake of a world and its people.

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      470 John Jackson Miller James Luceno Melissa Scott Jason Fry
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    1. Star Wars: The Rise of the Empire is a compilation of canonical Star Wars stories that includes two novels and three short stories: Melissa Scott’s Mercy Mission, James Luceno’s Tarkin, John Jackson Miller’s Bottleneck, John Jackson Miller’s A New Dawn, and Jason Fry’s The Levers of Power. I decided to edit my review because got the chance to read this book from cover to cover, and it feels quite a bit different. Originally, because I already read and reviewed the two novels in this b [...]

    2. This book is an attempt by Disney to make fans dish out more money, because Disney needs it. Of course, I'm a sap who actually paid for it. It brings together, in one volume, two novels: James Luceno's "Tarkin" and John Jackson Miller's "A New Dawn", neither of which were stellar (see my reviews of both). It also includes three short stories, which, I'm guessing, were previously unpublished. They range from okay to decent. The title is misleading: "The Rise of the Empire" gives the impression th [...]

    3. Rise of the Empire is a surprisingly hefty paperback featuring stories in the new line of Star Wars publishing. It repackages A New Dawn and Tarkin–both enjoyable reads in their own right–and delivers top-notch, brand-new short stories to enrich the purchase. This volume serves as a really great introduction to the new characters and stories being written in the new era.John Jackson Miller’s Rebels tie-in novel, A New Dawn, is wonderfully written and feels authentically like Star Wars. It [...]

    4. Ovo je jedna fina kompilacija dve postojece knjge plus tri mini price koje sluze da spoje kolko tolko ta dva narativa koja su u sustini skroz razliciti. Al pretpostavljam da je neko u Dizniju mislio da je ovo dobar potez.Glavne knjige us Tarkin koja nam daje uvid u jednog od interesantnijih likova koji kontrolise imperiju, a druga je Nova Zora koja prikazuje da Imperijalna straho vada polako menja ljude i u sustini ih tera na to da se dignu u pobunu.Same mini price koje su ubacene su dosta inter [...]

    5. Mercy Mission by Melissa Scott (Short Story)3/5 StarsMeh. I love Hera but I'm so tired of Ryloth stories. Did a little bit to bridge Lords of the Sith and Tarkin. Tarkin by James LucenoI read this on its own a while back. See my review here. Bottleneck by John Jackson Miller (Short Story)3/5 StarsI read this after A New Dawn, so I had already been introduced to Vidian at that point and I didn't really want to read him and Tarkin bickering. It served its purpose as a segue between the two novels [...]

    6. Rise of the Empire combines two full length novels and a handful of short stories. The short stories are the best part. A glimpse into the lives of a fledgling rebel and a comeptant and ambitious starship captain, I enjoyed these the most.I was excited to read the novel Tarkin. In the end it was bland. A victim of the fact that nothing major can happen, because it is a prequel, the story serves to help you learn some about the would be Grand Moff's background. It does that well enough, but the n [...]

    7. Mercy Mission - Melissa Scott - 3 starsOne year after the events in Lords of the Sith, a rebel group arrives on Ryloth to deliver much needed drug. The copilot on the ship is Hera Syndulla. One of the crew members, Goll, was a member of Free Ryloth movement and is her father's friend, not keen on disclosing Cham's location.The story is short, mainly describing Hera's realization how disorganized various rebel groups are, not sharing intelligence and resources, and demonstrating her pilot skills. [...]

    8. This was a compilation of two Star Wars novels as well as three short stories.They were good but I must say didn't grab me like others have. The characters were good but lacked the mainstream characters I really love. Kanan and Hera are good characters and I did enjoy reading about their exploits. They are from the Star Wars Rebels animated TV series and as I haven't seen much of that it was interesting. However the imperial characters were the best. Tarkin is such an interesting figure, as was [...]

    9. Disclaimer: I did not actually read "A New Dawn". I intended to do so, mainly because I knew it featured Rae Sloane, whom I liked as a character from reading "Aftermath". I started reading New Dawn after I read all the other stories in the book and I just could not get into it. It's probably an unfair thing to say, because this is her first appearance and Miller created her, but the voice of the character felt wrong to me. It wasn't the Sloane I grew to like from Aftermath and Levers of Power. I [...]

    10. Since this is an anthology I have 3 separate reviews.Tarkin by James Luceno (2.5 stars)Tarkin was the novel I enjoyed the least out of the collection. I enjoyed the story a lot and it was interesting to see how the Spike and his early teachings formed him as a commander. I also felt weird at some points sort of rooting for him since he was the protagonist, because he's still Tarkin and thus of the "dark side." It's hard to root for a man who will casually murder a few thousand innocent people be [...]

    11. Global: 3,5/5Short stories:"Mercy Mission": 3/5"Bottleneck": 4/5"Levers of Power": 3,5/5Novels:"Tarkin": 3/5"A New Dawn": 3,75/5

    12. Although it's technically 2 books and 3 short stories in one, The Rise of the Empire brings together stories that should all be read as one overarching tale. The narratives flow one into the next, and I think readers will get more out of the stories and the characters by having all of them bound together like one really long story. The first short story, 'Mercy Mission,' is largely forgettable aside from the introduction to Hera and her fantastic piloting skills. Then we move straight into 'Tark [...]

    13. If you enjoy Star Wars, this is a good addition to your collection.I haven't read a Star Wars novel in ages, but I had seen good reviews for Tarkin and thought this collection would be nice as an official canon entry prior to Star Wars (Episode 4). The Rise of the Empire includes two separate novels and three short stories, so I'll review each here.Bottleneck - The first short story. A good intro to some characters that will pop up in the book, as well as setting up Tarkin. 4 StarsTarkin - First [...]

    14. This is a collection of two different novels and three short stories. In the main, the stories are decent additions to the new and growing expanded Star Wars universe that is being created by Disney. While I am still a little bitter about the loss of the original EU, Disney is doing some good things. The two novels in this book provide two interesting stories. Tarkin gives a wonderful look into the who the man is and how he came to be that way. It also helps to establish the relationship that Ta [...]

    15. This wasn't exactly my favorite. Tarkin already has a review by me (I believe), with my main issues w/ it being that I couldn't buy into Tarkin being this Alpha hunter type in his history.The other novel contained used characters from the Disney Rebels TV series which I've never watched (it's not on a station I have available and I don't want to spend the time searching for it after I did see the first episode and wasn't wowed). A New Dawn was good enough, all together, with characters I liked w [...]

    16. I did not care for "Tarkin" largely because there are no sympathetic characters in it. I know, that's shallow, but I really didn't like him and the inside look at the Empire was lacking. It serves much more as a look inside the psyche of Tarkin and in his case, what you see is what you get. I loved the short stories quite a bit, especially the very last one. "A New Dawn" is freaking awesome. For me, probably a 5-star read. It has powerful and daunting women who basically force an in-hiding forme [...]

    17. This book is a treasure trove of fun. Actually, Star Wars: The Rise of the Empire is two books in one plus some delicious goodies added on. Repackaged in trade paperback form, The Rise of the Empire contains both the first book in the new era of Star Wars novelization A New Dawn and Tarkin the second book published. Like a McDonald’s Big Mac, these two meaty morsels are surrounded by three short stories that not only add to the lore of the Star Wars universe, but connect each story, one to the [...]

    18. Rise of the Empire is an interesting bind up of John Jackson Miller’s A New Dawn and James Luceno’s Tarkin. In this 720 page softcover collection, readers get both of those novels in their entirety plus three all new short stories. If you don’t own Tarkin or A New Dawn yet, then the picking up Rise of the Empire is a given. At just $15 (or lower if you shop around) this book gives readers an introduction to Star Wars via the characters of Tarkin, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Kanan Jarru [...]

    19. Wonderful!A great, great compilation. I highly recommend for any Star Wars enthusiast. Might be hard to grasp without awareness of who Tarkin is and the role he played in A New Hope. Reminder - he’s the Admiral who commanded the Death Star and forced Leia to watch him blow up her home planet (with Vader holding her back). Definitely satisfies any curiosity one might have as to how he came to be be so evil.

    20. Even though I have been a Star Wars fan since seeing the first movie in theaters on it's original run this is the first Star Wars novel(s) that I have actually read. I prefer Tarkin and the Tarkin based short story but everything included is a good read.

    21. All of the stories here (two novels and three short stories) were enjoyable. A New Dawn might be my favorite Star Wars novel (though I might not have read enough for that sort of statement to be useful).

    22. EnjoyableNice novel, enjoyed the short stories as well. If you are a star wars rebels fan like me, you will get an inside of two of it main characters

    23. only really read the short stories out of this since I've already read and own the books in this collection short stories were decent takin is great and new dawn is pretty good

    24. AmazingQuite very good. Interesting, twisting plot. I like how at the end they go more in depth on minor characters.

    25. Rise of the Empire is a compilation of three short stories and two short novels mostly built on fleshing out the buildup of the empire, with mixed success. There are excellent elements in all these stories, but also problems. The First short story,Mercy Mission is a setup towards the very beginnings of the resistance against the empire. It's a good introduction, showing how all powerful the empire is and how humble the beginnings are, as a simple off the grid delivery of medicine is extremely ha [...]

    26. A New Dawn Review: A New Dawn was definitely not the best Star Wars book that I have ever read, but it is definitely one of the most interesting.That being said, I think that because I am a huge fan of Star Wars Rebels. You will be instantly drawn to Kanan and Hera because you know them from the show. Those who aren't fans of the show might wonder why it takes so long to start defining the characters and wonder what all of teh fuss is about. The surrounding characters - of whom Vidian is my favo [...]

    27. This book--or rather, collection of books--was on the higher end of three stars for me. Much to my surprise, I feel as though the villains were written better in this book. Which I suppose is fitting given the theme of it, but I had already liked Kanan and Hera, so it caught me off guard. Tarkin, I had already read and reviewed separately, so I won't delve deeply into that.A New Dawn has a bit of a slow start, but it really picks up towards its latter sections. I don't think its Kanan's best app [...]

    28. The Rise of the Empire is a cool concept: combine two previously-released books, Tarkin and A New Dawn, with three new short stories featuring the same characters, in an omnibus edition for anyone looking for a Star Wars fix before The Force Awakens hits theaters.Unfortunately, it's better in concept than it is in execution. The three short stories, while fine in their own right, feel tacked on. Since there's no overlap in characters between the novels, the stories are used as a means to link on [...]

    29. OK, first point: I never really got into the original Extended Universe books (I read the Thrawn trilogy and thought they were OK, and ignored all the rest of the post-Jedi stuff; I did read most of the Old Republic and Prequel-era novels, though), so it didn't bother me too much when they decided to decanonize the existing books and just kind of start over.Now with the impending release of SWVII, I decided to read all of the newly-official novels, ideally before I find myself sitting in a theat [...]

    30. i had a great time with this book. i thought Tarkin was acceptable but not great. it seemed to be quite full of itself - spent a lot of time telling us where we were in the galaxy, how spaceships and hyperspace worked, and made sure we knew every race, and every planet everyone was from. good, but not great. A New Dawn on the other had was amazing. seriously had me from the first page. fast, action packed, and totally what i want out of a star wars book.

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