Henry Wants More!

Henry Wants More More games races tickles books little Henry can t get enough When a toddler is armed with that useful word and the world is full of brand new things his family just doesn t stand a chance Follow H

  • Title: Henry Wants More!
  • Author: Linda Ashman
  • ISBN: 9780375973482
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Hardcover
  • More games, races, tickles, books little Henry can t get enough When a toddler is armed with that useful word and the world is full of brand new things, his family just doesn t stand a chance Follow Henry on his exhausting and all too familiar day filled with play and a lot of love Buoyant rhymes and charming illustrations strike a heartwarming noteMore games, races, tickles, books little Henry can t get enough When a toddler is armed with that useful word and the world is full of brand new things, his family just doesn t stand a chance Follow Henry on his exhausting and all too familiar day filled with play and a lot of love Buoyant rhymes and charming illustrations strike a heartwarming note that will ring true with families of energetic little ones.

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    1. Henry is a high energy toddler who wants to participate in all manner of activities with his family. By the end of the day, everyone is tired and glad when Henry falls asleep. This is definitely a picture book for younger children, but I mention it here because it is one of the few instances I've seen (and admittedly, I don't read a ton of picture books) where the family includes an African-American mother, a fair-skinned, red-headed father, three children with complexions slightly lighter than [...]

    2. Henry is a very busy toddler who just can’t get enough of all he loves in life. He wants to be lifted up high more, have his favorite song sung more than ten times, play even more games with his sister and be pulled back and forth by his brother even more. As bedtime nears, Henry is in his pajamas but still wide awake. His mother promises two bedtime books, but reads four. Then, shh, Henry is fast asleep. It’s his mother who wants a little more time with Henry at the end.Ashman uses rhyme to [...]

    3. A picture book that's definitely more for older kids and grown-ups, even though the title character is a toddler. (Actual toddlers will still enjoy it, and will probably *become* little Henry, shouting MORE! MORE! because they're like that. But the "joke" at the end is for the parents.)Cute illustrations and a cute set of rhymes.

    4. So true! Love how this little guy easily worked his way through his entire family leaving exhaustion in his wake.

    5. Henry Wants More is a delightful picture book about a rambunctious toddler that cannot get enough of his biracial, intergenerational family. From sing-alongs on the piano to games of peekaboo and pat-a-cake, Henry’s constant refrain is “More!” or “Again!” The watercolor and pen illustrations are soft and wonderfully detailed, including a standout two page spread of the family’s house and everything they’ve done to try to keep Henry entertained. The story ends when Henry finally doe [...]

    6. Written in perfect, playful rhyme, we spend a day with Henry and his family. Throughout the day, each family member plays with Henry who giggles and laughs. While Papa, Grandma, Lucy, Charlie, and Mama soon tire of their selected activity, Henry doesn’t and always asks for ‘More’. Done in soft pastel colors, readers see and feel the love exchanged on every page. At last, at day’s end, Henry falls asleep, but wait—there is one more ‘more’!Asking for ‘more’ is so universal, every [...]

    7. Henry, like every other toddler, doesn't want the fun to end. More and Again are his favorite words. Adorable family story and illustrations.

    8. Henry is a go go-goer and he wants to play all day. whether its playing wth his toys or getting into messes by the end of the his family is happy they are al going to bed. I think this is a great book for children because it shows the love his family has for him. The illustrations are soft and so pleasing to the eye.

    9. Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumHenry is a typical toddler with a ton of energy and little ones are going to see themselves in him. Parents and siblings will also see themselves in the pages of the story as they get more and more exhausted throughout the day. Henry's demands are never mean or coming from a place of entitlement either. He wants more because he is having fun, not because he likes to command people to do things. That's an important distinction to be made in this stor [...]

    10. Henry's favorite word is "more," and he asks for more every time his family does anything with him. After exhausting everyone, including his parents, his grandmother, his siblings, and even the family pets, he settles down to in his mother's lap for a few read alouds. To everyone's relief, he starts to snore, providing a break from all that action. It's hard to resist the rambunctious Henry and his lively nature as well as the appealing rhyming text and softly-colored illustrations. They capture [...]

    11. Like any normal toddler, cute Henry wants more! More playtime, more stories, more attention! So goes this utterly delightful and amusing story of one eager toddler and his exhausted family.Through charming, lyrical rhymes, Ashman explores the wonderful and tiring world of living with a toddler. Little readers will enjoy Henry's antics and engaging activities, while parents will find much amusement in the relatable scenarios. And as someone who spends everyday with an enthusiastic and energetic t [...]

    12. Henry the toddler reminds me of my younger daughter at this age--I remember her grandpa asking "Doesn't she ever stop?" And like her, Henry only stops at the end of the day when sleep overcomes him. But it's clear that his family can't get enough of him, as Mama tiptoes back to give him "More!" love.Ashman shows a bi-racial family in a nice suburban house. One of the last pictures is a missing wall version of the house so that you can see Henry rampaging in every room with different family membe [...]

    13. Children and adults will identify with wanting more games, more songsHenry, and more stories. Henry always wants more! He wants his dad to keep tossing him in the air, he wants his grandma to keep playing the piano, and he wants his sister to keep playing games. Just when the reader thinks that he has worn his family out, it’s revealed that his mama wants more.This delightful story will have the reader and listener wanting more!The simple, but engaging, illustrations feature Henry and his bira [...]

    14. Cute story for young ones that parents and kids alike will be able to relate to. (Yes, kids are very aware they always want one more. Parents/loved ones certainly are as well!) This one is fun, slight twist at the end- one that all will enjoy.What I truly value in this one is that we see a multiracial family, but it's not talked about, it's not the purpose, it's not a factor, it just is. Here is a story about a family, and that's just what they happen to look like. We need more of this in mainst [...]

    15. This book will bring smiles to anyone who knows how exhausting a toddler can be. The entire family takes turns playing with Henry: they sing songs, play games, and run around the house. While each family member in turn gets tired, Henry still wants more! The rhyming text, along with the cozy illustrations of this family's loving home, would be a perfect read aloud for very young children. I'm sure it'll become a favorite on many bookshelves!

    16. ages 3-6Little Henry wants more of everything. His family is exhuasted from throwing him up in the air over and over, playing the same song on the piano, pulling him in the wagon up and down the street, etc. It's really cute and so accurate. Toddlers have so much energy! This is a fun read for older siblings and parentsmsradius/2016/11/cyb

    17. A true testament to how a little one can wear out an entire household and when that little one finally wears out, leaves the household wanting more.Endearing and sweet picture book written by Linda Ashman, illustrated by Brooke Boynton Hughes and published by Random House.#PB #toddlers #parents #love #humor

    18. Anyone with a toddler will identify with this family who is run ragged by the energetic Henry. Mother, father, sister, brother, even grandma are all expected to give Henry more. When he finally goes to sleep for the night, his exhausted family tiptoes out of his room, but mother sneaks back in for one more kiss!

    19. I liked this story. It was a cute picture book, with an "awwww" ending as Henry's mother goes back to kiss him more. Interesting that point of view changes from third to second award the end of the book -- "We gather around Henry" Lots of good action. What will Henry do next? Will he tire out the family members? Good page turners.

    20. This is a great story that many youngsters can relate to. Henry does want MORE! He wants more tickles, songs, and books. And then he is finally asleep. A good bedtime story, or just anytime story. I also really liked how the family was multicultural. I would recommend this book! Toddler story ages 1-4. I read this book because it was a CCBC book discussion book for August 2016.

    21. Playing with young children is fun, but tiring. I don't think there is a character in this book that young Henry doesn't wear out.I like the use of diversity and generational families in this book. The illustrations have detail yet have a lot of white space around them to make them feel calm and sweet.

    22. Henry’s favorite word is more, more songs, more games, and more books. Henry can’t get enough; his day is full of excitement and the wonder of being a toddler but his family wants rest. The illustrations convey Henry’s joy and his multiracial, inter-generational family’s love and exhaustion because Henry wants more. Reviewer 11

    23. We love this book! Of course, I bought it because I have to have every book with Henry as the main character, but it certainly didn't disappoint! My Henry loves to yell "AGAIN," and "MORE" as the Henry in the book declares his desire to just keep playing. Adorable illustrations and a fun story make this a winner.

    24. A fun, rhyming tale about an interracial [and intergenerational] family keeping their littlest one, a toddler, occupied throughout the day. Very sweetwould relate well to both kids and parents at a storytime. I like the soft, pastel illustrations as well as the play on certain words in the typography, especially MORE and AGAIN, which are tried and true words of a toddler. :)

    25. Great toddler/preschool book featuring a busy little Henry who wants to do everything over and over and wears his family out. Love that it shows multigenerational and multiracial family - and it's no big deal. The book doesn't dwell on (or even mention) skin color. It's not an issue, it's just a fact and it's normal. We need more diversity in picturebooks!

    26. An average book about a boy who has lots of energy and wears his family out. Everyone does different activities with Henry all day and Henry is never satisfied, he wants more! Finally at the end of the day, his mom reads to him and he falls asleep. Mom puts him in his bed, kisses him and whispers, "more".

    27. I loved this sweet read aloud about the tirelessness of toddlers and their frequent use of "more" and "again"! Also notable is the diversity of the characters within the story; the family is mixed and a variety of ages is represented. Recommended!

    28. Age: Toddler-PreschoolMulticultural: Bi-racial family, black mother and white fatherAn entire family takes on the adorable (and taxing) energy of their youngest toddling member. A house cross-section in the middle adds to the fun exploration of Henry's boundless energy.

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