A Shadow of Guilt

A Shadow of Guilt Driven and Determined To Forgive a CorrettiValentina Ferranti has always blamed Gio Corretti and his reckless behavior for her brother s death The last time she saw Gio she slammed the door on him and

  • Title: A Shadow of Guilt
  • Author: Abby Green
  • ISBN: 9780373131600
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Driven and Determined To Forgive a CorrettiValentina Ferranti has always blamed Gio Corretti and his reckless behavior for her brother s death The last time she saw Gio she slammed the door on him and her youthful infatuation.Now, broke and with her name slandered by the infamous Carmela Corretti, Val needs help There s only one person she can turn to the cold, inscrutaDriven and Determined To Forgive a CorrettiValentina Ferranti has always blamed Gio Corretti and his reckless behavior for her brother s death The last time she saw Gio she slammed the door on him and her youthful infatuation.Now, broke and with her name slandered by the infamous Carmela Corretti, Val needs help There s only one person she can turn to the cold, inscrutable man from her past whose green eyes flash with guilt, regret and a passion that calls to her.Valentina may have had the strength to ask for help, but does she have the willpower to resist all that entails

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    1. Someone's death is never really our fault but yet sometimes you do blame yourself or another, even though deep down inside you know it not to be true. The real regret comes when having to learn to live with you actions or accusations.The new Abby Green read shows how two people learn to live with their actions of guilt, despair, anger, hurt and ultimately regret and love found. The read is about Valentina years ago her brothers best friend Gio's actions caused her brother Mario's death and she v [...]

    2. A good HP, the hero was certainly different and the heroine could be too cruel but I enjoyed reading an HP where the heroine had most of the power. The hero was the black-sheep of the family, who made himself and he had one friend, a friend who died. This friend was the heroine's brother and her crush on the hero turned into anger so when he comes back into her life, she is hurtful and cruel to him and he takes it and keeps taking it. I felt the heroine went too far sometimes, the hero saved her [...]

    3. 2.5 stars, the h pretty much ruined it for me. She wasn't bad but I didn't like her hurting the H the whole story.The blurb pretty much covers what's going on in the story so I'll save you the recount of the damages. Besides El chavo del ocho is about to start and even though I've probably watched the episode about 76654765 times I'll watch it again. Which tells you how much impact this book caused me.I just want to add that shadow doesn't cover the guilt the H feels after his BFF's death.Those [...]

    4. Valentina Ferranti, Gio Corretti and Valentina's brother Mario were best friends since childhood. But one tragic accident leads to Mario's death and Valentina stricken with grief blames Gio for her brother's death. Years later she is in desperate need of money and she turns to Gio for help. Both the hero and the heroine were quite different from the usual Harlequin types. Valentina is a very angry bitter woman who can't let go of the past. Gio on the other hand is nothing like your alpha arrogan [...]

    5. A Shadow Of Guilt by Abby GreenI have been a fan of Abby Green’s for a number of years and she does not disappoint with her latest release. In A Shadow of Guilt, Giacomo Corretti “Gio” lost his best friend Mario Ferranti seven years ago in a tragic accident when Mario decided to ride Black Star, an out of control horse belonging to Gio. Valentina Ferranti had a crush on Gio from a very young age. And that crush turned to love at the age of seventeen. But after her brother’s accident she [...]

    6. This is what I think of as a classic Harlequin booklots of angst and anger and guilt and a sweet happily ever after. This book had all that. In spades. While this was part of the overall Coretti series, and the infamous wedding was mentioned, that was about all there was to it in series terms. The hero of this book is the brother of the one who ran off with the bride, yet he didn't mention it AT ALL. I don't care how little you see your family, if your brother runs off with your cousin's bride t [...]

    7. Very enjoyable entry into the Corretti Dynasty series.Lots of emotional angst on both the hero and heroine .Loved the epi.

    8. Abby Green's A Shadow of Guilt is the third installment from the fantastically crafted Corretti mini-series. We meet Gio, the youngest of the Corretti’s. Horses were always the center of his world. Gio is haunted by his past. Many years ago his best friend Mario, who had everything to live for, died riding one of his horses. The fault is being laid at his feet by Mario's family, by himself and by Mario's little sister Valentina. Horses eventually become Gio's life and he's now the owner of the [...]

    9. just when i think this series could not get better it exceeds my imagination and gets even better with the 3rd book which was so high on emotion and passion that i literally felt gio and valentina in the room with mei loved the way the story unfolds and i was hooked to it from the start.The author has really outshined herself and so far this is the best book i have had from here hero is totally adorable and he is going to stay with me for a really long time and though i really wanted to kill the [...]

    10. Abby Green is one of my favorite authors. This book is so different from her previous books since this is a series continuation.Valentina blamed Gio for her brother's unexpected death and she keeps on hating him but I loved the way the story developed and how hard Gio tries to help her and her family and supports them .Gio had to undergo a lot of guilt mixed with lust and Val was hiding behind her anger for Gio .Overall it was a good read another fantastic book by Abby Green

    11. I really enjoyed this read. it was very emotional and heartfelt. you could almost feel their pain. It was a forbidden love that was destined to happen. Abby Green worked this one out I even had to download his friend Maxim's story I just knew he had one.

    12. Not my favorite book from Abby Green. Too much fighting and not enough lovey-dovey romance. The last chapter was very sweet though.

    13. OMG!! Can you say love, love, love? Because I loved it and I guarantee you will too after reading this book. The book was flawless and wouldn’t change a single thing about it. Abby Green truly outdone herself with this one. She hit it out of the park. It was just that good. I can’t rave enough about this book.I don’t even know where to begin. Guess I will start with the facts. First of all, this is book number three inSicily’s Corretti Dynastywith this book focusing on Gio Corretti, Ales [...]

    14. This is Gio and Valentina's story.Gio and Mario were best friends, Valentina was Mario's younger sister. Mario died tragically and Valentina blamed Gio for the accident that killed him.Gio and Valentina had to learn about forgiveness - Gio had to learn to forgive himself for his role in Mario's death and Valentina needed to forgive herself for blaming and hating Gio for something that was of her own doing.The passion between the two was smoldering and the epilogue was wonderful to read.

    15. I had an array of emotions while reading this book. From very irritated with the heroine's constant anger & blame towards the hero (which felt very unfair but at least she was honest with herself that it was irrational), to understanding and empathy for both of them because they were both suffering, especially in their need and want with each other but having the guilt of the death looming over their heads. Overall, loved it. Very much a love redeems/heals type of novel.

    16. Fiyuuuff Bitti sonunda! Kızın tutarsız ruh halleri, adamın kendini suçlaması yüzünden ezik halleri aralarda beni sinir etse de, kitabı sevdim :) Baya duygusaldı da aslında, arada gözlerim dolmadı değil :) Tabi düzenleme aşamasında sinir olmadığım zamanların dışında :D

    17. While the (view spoiler)[hospital bed confession (hide spoiler)] is more than a tad cliched, I still really enjoyed this one.

    18. 2016 UPDATE: I accidentally deleted my original review. Lucky I posted it on . I really dont have anything else to add to what i wrote below. I agree with all of it and I was equally moved by everything. Gio is the youngest Corretti. He is cousin to Alessandro, the ditched groom and youngest brother to Book 2 Hero Luca. Turns out while Luca is in the maze with Taylor, Gio is inside, seeing ghosts from the past. This book also shows Alessandro's mum to be a B word. Gio is awesome and Abby Green h [...]

    19. Novel yang penuh emosi. Naik turun perasaan setiap karakternya digambarkan dengan sangat baik sehingga saya bisa larut dalam setiap konfliknya. Namun sayang, plotnya terlalu lambat, sangat lambat malahan. Konflik pun berputar-putar di satu area saja sehingga sedikit membosankan. Walau begitu saya harus mengacungi jempol buat Abby Green yang bisa membangun konflik sedemikian dalam. Semua pertentangan batin yang dituliskan (walau berlebihan) namun terasa nyata dan dapat diterima. Nice, but it is j [...]

    20. biasax suka sangaaat am Abby green punya utk skli in kurang cz gw g suka am cew x!grrrr.ak g adil sebenarx selera niklo c cew yg jd sasaran kekesalan n kebencian herox brasa biasa aj klo herox yg jd "spesakitanx" x kenapa g tegaa yaa ;pkasihaaan Giojadiiii c valentina amat sangaat membenci gio yg katax telah membunuh kakakxdahal ni y, penyebab terbesar kebencianx itu adalah rasa bersalah valentina sendiridy lega banget wktu tw yg jatuh dr kuda itu bkan gio,jd klo bukan gio berarti itu mariojd se [...]

    21. BLOG: adictaxictoxicoPrimero diré que Gracias a Dios no he pasado por lo que paso valentina así que en algunas ocasiones fue difícil ponerme en sus zapatos y debido a eso hubo algunas ocasiones en las que quise sacudirla. Sin embargo me gusto Gio y Valentina como Pareja. y cada vez mas odio a la tal tía carmela y eso que solo ha salido poco en estos tres libros PD: Que felicidad tiene epilogo. y mi calificación es un 3.5 (que lastima que no se puede poner esa calificación)

    22. Green is a new-to-me author, so I didn't know what to expect. This was a great story. I was so caught up in the plot that I had to finish this book in one sitting. Loved Gio and Valentina, although at times I thought her anger was excessive - until I read the explanation. The guilt/anger they were both consumed by was handled so well by Green. So far, this is my favourite in this series. I will definitely read more books by this author.

    23. Review Posted on HarlequinJunkieThere’s a fine line between love and hate. I’ve heard that a thousand times, but never was it more appropriate than in A Shadow of Guilt by Abby Green. Book three in the Sicily’s Corretti Dynasty series, this installment is about two people whose lives took a turn for the worse, one night when aRead More

    24. Enjoyed this more than I expected to (I picked it up because I'd read the prior in the series). Valentina Ferranti and Gio Corretti have a painful past, and Val's never forgiven Gio for what she sees as the ultimate betrayal. But then again, he's never forgiven himself. When circumstances bring them together again, the heat between them is fiercer than ever; it's up to them to determine if their hearts will win out also.

    25. Love this series and all the characters. The creativity it took for the varying authors to mingle the story lines together is fascinating and the smooth transition from one writer to the next is amazing. I'm always leery that the next book will be written in a style that I don't connect with, but each time, I really enjoy it. Highly recommend and can't WAIT for the stories to continue and intertwine.

    26. I really love the novels of Abby Green! Her heroine just know what to say and know when to walk away. They know how to say Thank you and when to defend themselves. I love the twists of her Harlequins breaking the usual, just when u thought there's nothing more lol. Haha going back to the book. I just love the story and the love scenes. I just love virgin heroines. I love that the hero is not your usual playboy story. Love the childhood infatuation turn to love uhuuuh!

    27. Third in the series.Best plot and execution in the series. Although there is a big discrepancy in the scene that takes place between Angelo, Gio and Valentina I blame the author of the next book and the editor for not checking to see what was written before and making the appropriate adjustments.

    28. "-Estoy enamorado de ti, Valentina. Te quiero con locura y eso me está destrozando. Sé que para ti solo era algo físico, pero me ha tocado en lo más profundo de mi alma. Creo que te he amado siempre.Ohhhhhh Mi amado Gio♥Con cuanto dolor tuviste que vivir y durante tantos años sobrellevarlo

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