Aces Wild

Aces Wild Zelly Fried has finally convinced her parents to let her get a dog with the help of her grandfather Ace Unfortunately said dog also named Ace is a shoe chewing mud tracking floor peeing kind of do

  • Title: Aces Wild
  • Author: Erica S. Perl
  • ISBN: 9780307931726
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Zelly Fried has finally convinced her parents to let her get a dog, with the help of her grandfather Ace Unfortunately, said dog also named Ace is a shoe chewing, mud tracking, floor peeing kind of dog Despite Zelly s best efforts to drag Ace literally to puppy kindergarten, his flunking report card says it all This Ace is wild Also wild is the other Ace in ZellyZelly Fried has finally convinced her parents to let her get a dog, with the help of her grandfather Ace Unfortunately, said dog also named Ace is a shoe chewing, mud tracking, floor peeing kind of dog Despite Zelly s best efforts to drag Ace literally to puppy kindergarten, his flunking report card says it all This Ace is wild Also wild is the other Ace in Zelly s life Grandpa Ace has decided to begin dating again and is dining and dancing every night, against his doctor s orders Determined to get both Aces under control, Zelly enlists the help of her two best friends, Allison and Jeremy despite the fact that they don t quite see eye to eye They need to come up with a plan, fast But how It s not like either Ace ever does what he s told.

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      484 Erica S. Perl
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    1 thought on “Aces Wild”

    1. Get excited - Zelly, Ace, and of course O.J. (from WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU O.J.) are back! I am the author so I am, admittedly, biased. Hope you are wild about this book, too!

    2. Erica Perl's Aces Wild is certainly a wild middle-grade romp full of puppy fun, zany characters, and a heartwarming story. Aces Wild is a sequel/companion to WhenLife Gives You O.J but I don't think one must read that book in order to enjoy this one (I haven't read the first book and was still able to understand everything that happens).In Aces Wild, young Zelly finds herself the owner of a new, rambunctious puppy named Ace. Ace is cute and fun, but difficult to train. When Zelly asks her parent [...]

    3. With a grandpa who SPEAKS LIKE KANYE EXCEPT PARTLY IN YIDDISH, an all-over-the-place dog and a main character who sometimes has trouble figuring out who she is and where she fits in what else could you ask for in a realistic middle grade girl novel? I laughed out loud at Grandpa Ace's sarcasm and got a little misty at his thinly veiled devotion to his granddaughter Zelly.

    4. This was a very good book. It was very funny(Especially Ace the Grandpa.) It was interesting that it was in Burlington, Vermont because I go there a lot. Also, the main character is Jewish and so am I. Overall, this was a very good book.

    5. Zellie Fried has always wanted a dog. She's finally gotten her wish, and Ace has joined the family. The only trouble is, Ace the puppy is soon followed by Ace the Grandpa. Recently widowed and having suffered a heart attack, Ace the Grandpa has moved in with Zelly and her family. Now there are two Ace's in the house, and they're both a little wild. Ace the puppy needs to graduate puppy kindergarten before Zelly is allowed to have a sleep over, and Ace the Grandpa is stirring things up by spendin [...]

    6. Ha, bookblogger-of-awesomeness Paula Willey said that Zelly's grandfather SPEAKS LIKE KANYE EXCEPT PARTLY IN YIDDISH. So true! Capslock zayde! This sequel to When Life Gives You O.J. is as delightful as its predecessor. Maybe more. For me, Jewish-inflected, funny, contemporary books are the Holy Grail (was that a religiously mixed metaphor? YES) and Erica Perl delivers. In this one, Zelly has named her new dog (SPOILER ALERT FROM FIRST BOOK OH WELL) Ace, because her grandfather has promised to s [...]

    7. Aces Wild by Erica S. Perl – a companion to When Life Gives You O.J. – Realistic Fiction, 3rd grade and up – I love the innocence that is connected with this book that leads to discussions of memory, responsibility, friendship, how you present yourself to others, hope, and family. My favorite character is Ace, the grandfather that is, not Ace the dog who is also a character. His bombastic personality with Yiddish sprinkled throughout the story makes me want to read more, more, more of his [...]

    8. It was pretty good. I felt that I was on a roller coaster: Something would catch my eye, then it would go back down for a few chapter. Then, it'd be interested again and I'd go back up. It was kind of off-and-on. It was not as melodramatic as the first one (P.S. Yes, I like melodrama), and not as tear-jerking either.For some sick and twisted reason, the characters seemed to act different than the first book. Jeremy seemed less shy than before. Maybe this was just the author's stupid ploy to make [...]

    9. Be careful what you wish for In the previous novel (When Life Gives you OJ), Zelly spent a lot of time trying to convince her parents she was ready to take care of a puppy. In this sequel, Zelly gets her puppy, but is having trouble getting her puppy to mind. He's even flunked out of obedience school already. To make matters worse, she named the puppy the same name as her grandfather, "Ace." This adds to the chaos around the house. But Zelly keeps trying. She has reenrolled Ace in obedience sch [...]

    10. Zelly Fried is back. When we left her, she had traded in her OJ dog for a rescue puppy that she named Ace. Now the dog is in serious need of training and already an obedience school drop-out. But Ace the dog isn't the only member of the household running amok. Ace the GRANDPA who speaks in ALL CAPS has at least three girlfriends and Zelly fears he's not following the doctor's orders after his heart attack. This is a sweet, gentle, tween read.

    11. Aces Wild, while a companion to When Life Gives You O.J is just as great and could be read w/o reading When Lifes Gives You O.J. first. I enjoyed the continued humor by Ace the dog, Ace the grandpa, and Zelly. I found myself chuckling throughout the book as I am sure many students will too. Students will probably relate to Zelly's difficulties with her new puppy, Ace the dog. This one is sure to be a hit - just like When Life Gives You O.J.!

    12. So much fun. A stand-alone follow-up to Perl's much loved When Life Gives You OJ. The characters continue to charm and Zelly, now with a dog of her own, has her sites set on an all-important rite of passage: a sleepover. But when her parents insist that she must get her puppy trained before any sort of sleepover will occur, her trusty grandfather Ace steps up to the plate to offer his guidance and unsolicited advice. Lots of Yiddish included. Oh vey!

    13. Sweet follow up to When Life Gives You OJ following the relationship of 11 year old Zelly Fried and her boisterous grandfather. This sequel deals more with the adjustments of moving to a new city and accepting the loss of her beloved grandmother, Bubbles. There is a lot of action with the antics of Zelly's rambunctious puppy, her younger brother, and her grandfather. Zelly's emotional turmoil is depicted both poignantly and humorously. Characters are well-drawn, particularly Ace-the grandpa.

    14. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would there is a lot of humor and reality in this story, even though it's a typical middle grade problem novel. I especially liked that, though Ace-the-grandfather presented as a crusty old guy, he was actually a lot more sympathetic than the middle grade heroine thought. I liked the use of Yiddish and of Jewish culture, and I loved the ending.

    15. This book wasn't bad, but I was not the target audience so I found no value in it. It wasn't well written or poorly written and it wasn't a awful story or a good one. I have NO idea why it was on the must read for 2013 list for adult or even 12 year old's. That being said if you need a fluff book for your 6th grader this wouldn't be a terrible choice.

    16. The audiobook is very fun with the great voice for Ace the grandpa and all the Yiddish. My 8 year old son and I really enjoyed listening to this entertaining story.

    17. I am so happy to return to Zelly's family and meet her new puppy. What a wonderful world to disappear into for a few hours.

    18. A highly enjoyable follow-up to WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU O.J. Erica Perl balances well the good and challenging elements of family. Full of laughable and heartfelt moments.

    19. I adored this book. I even got a little misty-eyed at the end. Which was a little funny because I was at the salon getting a pedicure at the time.

    20. I adored When Life Gives You O. J. I booktalked it to anyone who would listen. And every person who followed my recommendation thanked me. This companion book is just as stellar.

    21. I'd recommend this to patrons who like dogs, who have ornery grandparents (what family doesn't?), or who just like funny realistic fiction with a good story.

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