Secret Language

Secret Language Connie has trouble with time She always has to stop and think a minute How old is she now Faith always seems to know though her life is the same as Connie s back and forth to theater towns all over T

  • Title: Secret Language
  • Author: Monica Wood
  • ISBN: 9780345449078
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Connie has trouble with time She always has to stop and think a minute How old is she now Faith always seems to know, though her life is the same as Connie s back and forth to theater towns all over The same dingy food, the same noisy sidewalks, the same cramped suites in the same hotels Sometimes they go to school, sometimes not, though they always have boConnie has trouble with time She always has to stop and think a minute How old is she now Faith always seems to know, though her life is the same as Connie s back and forth to theater towns all over The same dingy food, the same noisy sidewalks, the same cramped suites in the same hotels Sometimes they go to school, sometimes not, though they always have books to read big packets of books that Armand sends to them in every city Armand is their parents lawyer, the only person they know who likes children Faith and Connie endured the same childhood as daughters of egocentric, semi famous actors who can scarcely take care of themselves But the two sisters could not be different Connie learned to beg for attention, clamor for approval, and fill the silence with words Faith turned inward, shrinking from the tender emotions that make up an ordinary life Despite their differences, the sisters came to rely on each other exclusively But lately, after years of quiet connection, Faith and Connie seem to have lost the ties that once held them close Faith has a home and two growing sons, but is still unable to fathom unconditional love Connie, a flight attendant, is always searching, ever expecting to find her true place in life at the end of each long flight But a series of shocking, revelatory events will bring the sisters back to each other and forever alter how they define love, fulfillment, and most importantly, family.

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    1 thought on “Secret Language”

    1. I had read Monica Wood's "My Only Story" years ago, and stumbled onto "Secret Language" only after also finding Ms. Wood's two Pocket Muse books (both are great!).It's a sad story, of two sisters who come from a sad family, who grow up unable to really get past the barriers of communication, and yet come to realize they have their own form of communication. About halfway through, I wasn't sure I liked the story, it was so sad, and yet I felt compelled to keep reading - and I think the reason is [...]

    2. I found this book by reading all the reviews from one particular reviewer on amazon who seemed to like a lot of the same books that I do. I picked it up from the library and started to read. I almost put it down after the first 25 pages. I thought it was going to be another depressing book about a rough childhood. It started out as just that, but the writing was so beautiful and the transformation of the sisters was so compelling that I couldn't put the book down. It is a short novel and is simp [...]

    3. I was going to give this book four stars but I couldn't come up with a single reason to take a star away. It is perfect, from beginning to end. There isn't a thing I would change. The characters are fascinating, well-developed and lovely. The joys and tragedies are easily felt right alongside them.

    4. There is a Tolstoy quote, "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." which to me sums up this book. I have to thank Monica Wood's interviewer Debra Spark for using this in the Reader Guide in the book as I wouldn't have known of it otherwise. The story revolves around Faith and her younger sister Connie, the children of a couple of self-absorbed actors who virtually ignore their affection starved children. The only taste of love they have had is from their gr [...]

    5. Faith and Constance are the daughters of a couple of musical theater stars in the 1950s/1960s. To say they were bad parents would be understating the situation. But the abuse is not physical or sexual, or even emotional - it is simply complete and total neglect. The author would have the reader believe that the parents are so self-absorbed that they cannot take a single action that involves someone else.The book is a narrative of how the parents' actions (or non-action, as it were) impacts the s [...]

    6. I read this entire book in one day! I don't know what it is about Monica Wood's writing. It just resonates with me. At the beginning of the book I felt like she moved a little too quickly through the early lives of Faith and Constance, but then she slowed down when they reached adulthood. I didn't realize I'd become attached to the characters until later in the book when I found myself weeping.This is the story of two girls who grew up with alcoholic, self-absorbed parents who were traveling act [...]

    7. Reading her books for June author talk. Book okay. Two very different, emotionally frozen, sisters, dragged around country by actor parents take care of each other. Quiet Faith works in dr's office, marries Joe, Is overwhelmed by his noisy, gregarious, effusive, caring family, has two sons, Chris and Ben, and divorces him after her remoteness drives him into another woman's arms. Vivacious, promiscuous Constance lives with Faith and Joe until she becomes a flight attendant, then keeping her own [...]

    8. And so completes my quest to read everything Monica Wood has ever written. Though this still does not equal Any Bitter Thing (or Ernie's Ark) for me, it was still great. Her prose is among the best I've ever read, and I consider myself pretty well read! I especially enjoyed this as it's about two sisters, and I am a sister, and a mother to sisters. My sister and I (and hopefully my daughters) are much closer than Connie and Faith, but I appreciated the theme of "shared history," even if siblings [...]

    9. Monica Wood is quite possibly very much a writer's writer, much in the way many lesser-known musicians are a musician's musician. (Billy Hart the jazz drummer for instance.) It is difficult to know why some who write this well in this style manage to reach larger audiences (Elizabeth Strout for instance) while others who are in the same league do not. At any rate, this is one of her better books and I read it many years ago and enjoyed it very much. I think the great test of a novel is how long [...]

    10. This is for book group due Feb. 4. Very enjoyable and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. The writing is very good, psychology of the people well-done and though I didn't really like or trust one of the main characters, I got to respect and understand her more, and by the end of the book, did warm up to her. Very interesting characters, creative backgrounds, moving stories and a slow plotline that is basically emotional memories that turn into a fast-plotted novel. This is Monica Wood' [...]

    11. I thought I enjoyed this book despite the fact that I didn't like the characters of the story (especially Faith). When I finished the book, I threw it on the floor. I didn't like the ending though I can't exactly tell you why. Maybe because it took them so long to come to terms with their childhood? Maybe because Faith let it ruin a good marriage? I don't know. It was well written and easy to read but I was a little disappointed in the story itself. If I could've just slapped Faith silly, I'd pr [...]

    12. This book so impressed me I picked it up to read it again and realized finally I had read it but couldn't remember what happened. Glancing at the end, I remembered but forgot again when I started to review it. AT last, I remember & it was interesting but not great. I could identify with the parent's benign neglect and was interested that they were in the theatre, as I am but The key to remembering the story is the "bastard sister" who turns up and their future relationships.

    13. I know it's a good book when I stay up after midnight because I can't stop reading. This was Wood's first book,the only one by her that I hadn't read. I'd been searching for it for quite a while. The story involves two sisters who mostly grew up alone, with only each other for company. Their disfunctional parents were actors who dragged the kids around the country. A Mainer, Wood has also written books on the craft of writing. I own all of those. I wish she'd write another novel!

    14. One of my Top 5 Favorite Books Ever (I can't believe this wasn't already included on my good reads bookshelf). I reread it often and sometimes? Yeah, sometimes I worry my copy will be so worn out I won't be able to reread it when I'm, say, 60 or 70, or 80. Love. This. Book. (See also, My Only Story by the same author).

    15. This was a beautifully written book. Monica Wood is becoming one of my fast favorites. Your heart will ache for Faith as she tries to fin herselfquietlyeven though if she doens't know she wants to. I was sad when the story was over, but glad for the charaters. I look forward to her next book!

    16. The dynamics of the relationship between the sisters is touching and heartbreaking at times. You get a real feel for not only their childhood but how it impacted the rest of their lives. You forget that they are not real people. Well worth picking up.

    17. Absolutely marvelous book. Perfection. follows 2 sisters raised by somewhat absent parents, follows them as they grow up. She knows every aspect of the characters and story. Wonderful. Third Monica Wood book I've read. She has a great voice.

    18. 3.5 for me. I love Monica Wood. Every book leaves me wondering. Not just about the story, the characters, or about Ms. Wood. But about myself, my family. And every book begins the endless wait until the next one.

    19. two sisters, daughters of self-absorbed musical actors, try to change and grow in the ways they love, trust and live. Good Read!

    20. Deeply moved. Made me think about my own relationships with my sisters. Her way of writing is like water just flows and flows and you are sucked right in.

    21. My second book by this author. I like her writing style and character development. Interesting story. I liked it, but not as much as ANY BITTER THING.

    22. I enjoyed this being one of 5 sisters. No matter how different you are there is a bond that cannot be broken.

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